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  1. Harrath

    WTB: Millet Hybrid MAX PCB

    Quote: Originally Posted by Harrath Looking for a single PCB for the Millet Hybrid Max. I missed the group buy and I hope someone has some extras they'd be willing to part with. My paypal (and email address) is jdefeo AT wpi DOT edu. Thank you! bump
  2. Harrath

    WTB: Millet Hybrid MAX PCB

    Looking for a single PCB for the Millet Hybrid Max. I missed the group buy and I hope someone has some extras they'd be willing to part with. My paypal (and email address) is jdefeo AT wpi DOT edu. Thank you!
  3. Harrath

    What if I wore this One Day... check it out.

    I think on the front it should say "No highs? No lows?" Then on the back, has Bose picture and right above it in large lettering "It must be!"
  4. Harrath

    Bypassing amp stage on Creative Nomad Zen USB 2.0?

    I guess it isn't possible then, since I've searched through 20 pages of search results and found nothing. Anyways, is it still worthwhile getting a portable amp for this purpose? I could use a multimeter to try to match the output voltage of the zen as close to line level as I could, would...
  5. Harrath

    I fell in love with C4

    I thought you meant a C4 Corvette, in which case I wouldn't mind one either! But I do wish Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, SEAT, FIAT and all those other European companies would start selling cars in the US. They make some very economical and very cool cars.
  6. Harrath

    What do you think of my dad's new car?

    WOW, that is seriously nice. I love the classic British roadsters. My personal favorite is the 1972 Triumph Spitfire, in (is there really any other choice?) British Racing Green.
  7. Harrath


    I usually don't like Bourbon, but a friend of mine won a bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle in a raffle, and I have to say it is simply an outstanding liquor.
  8. Harrath

    :confused: :mad: :( HD650's Let Down

    There might be something wrong with your card. Driven right out of my Audigy 2, my 650's get so loud you can hear them in the next room perfectly.
  9. Harrath

    Final Fantasy: Dear Friends

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinchyCM S and N generation?
  10. Harrath

    Final Fantasy: Dear Friends

    sup fellow goon I would love to go to one of these. Unfortunately, I don't think they're coming anywhere near where I live. And to make matters worse, I can't find the Final Fantasy S and N generation CDs for less than $90 .
  11. Harrath

    Anyone remember these games?

    When I was a kid I played a lot of: SimTower/Ant/Farm/Earth/Life/City/Etc. Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Jill of the Jungle Crystal Caverns Commander Keen Out of This World Ultima I & II The Bard's Tale I, II, and III Basically all of the Interplay classics, a ton of shareware, and the...
  12. Harrath

    Where to download some polyphonic ringtones for free?

    What I do is I download Guitar Pro 4 tabs and then output them as MIDI files. Works great, but you need the full version of Guitar Pro to do it.
  13. Harrath

    Your story of budgets gone wrong.

    I was originally going to spend <$500 on headphone and amp (DT770 pro and META42 was what I was looking at when I first arrived at head-fi). Now I'm up to up to $410 (HD650's, when I bought them) + $975 (Benchmark DAC1, when the new year comes/payday) + $100 Headphile XLR HD650 cable + $45...
  14. Harrath

    Bourbon suggestions?

    You liquor people sound like audiophiles in terms of your language, I think it's funny how similar the linguistics are. Me, I just make my own Vodka. It doesn't taste like anything, as it should.
  15. Harrath

    Chaintech Bit Perfect Output Question

    I hate to commit forum necromancy, but does the AV-710 support bit-perfect output without the flash to the prodigy?
  16. Harrath

    Oh Gosh...My Mom thinks Bose = Best; RANT

    My friend has the bose system in his 9 year old Audi. The bass is so boomy is hurts my ears. My camry's JBL system is kickin' though
  17. Harrath

    Anyone seen Meet The Fockers yet?

    I saw it today as well. It was highly enjoyable and much more ridiculous than the first. Still had a good bit of clever humor and was overall quite funny. Gaylord's parents were WAY overdone, however.
  18. Harrath

    What are you getting YOURSELF for Christmas?

    I think I've finally decided, after almost 2 years of saving a finicking, to get myself a Dodd Audio Headphone Amp, a Cambridge Audio Azur 640c, and a nice silver Headphile standard series interconnect.
  19. Harrath

    Source dilemmafor HD650

    I'm looking to spend about $1200-$1300 on an amp/source combo for my HD650's, and I'm torn about what kind of source to get. I'm a big fan of Computer Audio, but I'm all too familiar with the reality that even good soundcards don't really match up with good CD players in terms of overall...
  20. Harrath

    Need expert advice on buying/building a computer

    I just built this for $1500, throw in a nice 17" CRT and you've got yourself a mean system: Athlon 64 3000+ (90nm) w/ Thermalright XP-90 and a cheap speeze 90mm fan Epox 9NDA3+ 1 GB PDP Systems 2-3-2-6 PC3200 RAM Geforce 6800GT w/NV5 Silencer Western Digital 74GB 'Raptor' 10k RPM SATA...
  21. Harrath

    Pittsburgh Meet: Sunday, December 19th

    Would it be alright if my friend came as well? He's not really an audiophile nor is he a member of this forum, but he's very interested in audio equipment and just generally enjoys good sound.
  22. Harrath

    Resampling Question

    Even driven right out of a card there is a noticeable, yet subtle difference in the sound when resampling to 48k using an Audigy 2. Intrument separation (as a result of the decay being more accurate) is better and there is a bit more "snap" and "sparkle" in the treble. It's most noticeable in...
  23. Harrath

    12sa7 = 12v version of 6as7?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover Nope. The 12sa7 is the 12 version of the 6sa7. I am not sure but I dont think there is a 12 volt version of the 6as7. Ahh ok, thank you. Only reason I ask is because I was curious if the EC HD25 could be ordered to accept 12v tubes, like the...
  24. Harrath

    12sa7 = 12v version of 6as7?

    Thread title says it all, thanks.