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  1. ssavage

    What to do?

         So there's this girl I've been liking for awhile now and we've been friends for awhile. I kinda really like this girl and I wanna be more than friends.  We text a lot and I saw her yesterday. After I saw her yesterday we were texting and she asked me if I liked her and I said yes (No...
  2. ssavage

    How do I keep a hobby/interest?

    everything i do i can never stick to. i always end up moving on to something else. every video game i play i end up stopping to play another one. ex i played runescape for probably about 3yrs. then 2 years on a game named pawn. i think about 4months on wow. i used to have headphones as a hobby...
  3. ssavage

    Matrix Mini I - San Diego local pick up

    Matrix Mini I FS 240 cash.  Local pick up only.  I am the second owner of this. 10/10 Only mark on it is an etching of the first owners initials on the bottom.  Selling b/c no use and want to roll this money into something else.  
  4. ssavage

    HD600/DT990 Paired?

    How does the HD600 & DT990/600 compare? I have the HD600 and I'm interested in the DT990 since the HD600 is a little dark/basslight. The only thing that scares me about the DT990 is the treble. I don't like overbearing treble. Also, if I were to get the DT990, what amp goes well with both? I...
  5. ssavage

    HD600 Grainy Sound?

    Didn't realize until now but when a singer sings there is this wierd grainy sound that's there. It's not there when the beats just playing but only when someones singing? Any thoughts?
  6. ssavage

    Necessities for beginner DIY-er?

    Hey there. I'm interested in DIY-ing. Specifically in cables like Cardas and such. I know for a beginner, Cardas and replacement cables for headphones are very expensive so I wanna start little and move up. I was thinking of starting at things like mini to mini and LODs so I was wondering what...
  7. ssavage

    Guess what came in the mail today!

        Sounded horrible out the box but steadily improves. Granted I don't have a decent amp, this baby is pretty sweet
  8. ssavage

    Just bought HD600s

    Soooo my richardnoggin self saw a thread saying that the 600s and 650s were being discontinued. Immediately after I got home, I sent razordog an email asking if this was true and if he could save a pair for me. He said it's not discontinued but they're hard to get since they're on backorder. I...
  9. ssavage

    Have turtlebeaches and M50s? Try it!

    so I picked up my X11 turtlebeaches today and looked at them and saw their pads. then I looked at my M50s and was like hmm.. this could work. So I pulled the X11 pads off and tried them on my M50s. if you guys have both then I suggest you try it! I'm gonna keep the x11pads on my M50s cause the...
  10. ssavage

    32in Sanyo?   is this good for gaming. I can get it used for 200 but when I play my friends xbox on it, there's a lot of vertical and horizontal delay/lag.  it might be cause of his shetty controllers but i dont know
  11. ssavage

    Multiple Questions?

    Hey I had a couple of questions. 1)Music. Where do you guys dl your music? I feel like my hp are not reaching their full potential because my music i dl is so crappy quality. So where do you dl your music(site in particular) and what are qualifications to a good song?   2)Recently bought...
  12. ssavage

    What did you want to be when you were young?

    Was it what you became? Sorry if there's a thread about this but I'm interested. Personally, I have wanted to have many careers. Some including a professional moto gp racer(superbikes), mma fighter, jsf pilot. However, my faith is decided now. I will join the Marines. hbu?
  13. ssavage

    Got some Bose and Skullcandies!

    after getting my m50s, i was berry disappointed so i ended up returning them. I saved up for a bit and bought some Bose qc and skullcandy skullcrushers! I absolutely love these! Even more with a pa2v2, they're just fantastic sounding. Way better than my m50s, I'm so happy I returned them ! <3
  14. ssavage

    Mic on M50's for xbox360

    Hey guys, been reading a bit but don't understand how to put a mic on my m50s and connect it to my xbox. anybody know how or have a tutorial video or something?
  15. ssavage

    M50 Pink Noise Burn In?

    been reading a few threads but not much help. So these have around 55 hrs of burn in. I guess I'm content but want more. Will pink noise do it? Also, if yes, where can I DL it. One more thing, should I also use brown and white noise or other stuff? thanks
  16. ssavage

    Grado Headband

    Why does it look so flimsy? It looks like if I bent it in the right place, they'd be no good.
  17. ssavage

    What should be on the back of my classic?

    Hola, I have an iPod Classic and I'm looking for an amp to strap to the back. Can't be like double the size of the ipod. Close to same size = <3 I gave up my itouch just so I could strap and amp to the classic. So, pricerange around 40 maybe. 100 in pocket but not sure how far I want to...
  18. ssavage

    Is this a good buy? cmoy kit

    New Stereo CMOY Audio Headphone Amp Amplifier CAPS kit - eBay (item 380223828268 end time May-11-10 21:31:34 PDT) Want to make a Cmoy amp but I'm only 14 so can't really buy online unless it's a package. Also, do you think radioshack would let me buy a soldering iron knowing that I'm 14? So...
  19. ssavage

    ATH M50 Expectations?

    So I ordered my ath m50's 6 days ago and tracker says it's coming tomorrow. what should i expect from them? these are gonna be my first headphones so i dont really know what's good. atm i have stock ipod earphones that are really uncomfortable. i heard that they suck out of the box but get better
  20. ssavage

    ATH M50

    is there anything better for around 125? Also, is there a trusted place you guys know that i can buy it from. i live in sd, ca
  21. ssavage

    Silent Ear Fully Covering Headphones for Rap!

    i need headphones for my ipod. 99percent of the time listen to rap/r&b/hiphop. Want something silent and covers my ears completely. price range 50-100 more on the lower side. comfiness is important too. what's best in your opinion?