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  1. tanfenton

    FS: Assemblage UJB-1 Jitter Filter and Sennheiser DSP Pro

    The Assemblage UJB-1 performs the same function as the very popular Monarchy DIP line of processors; in fact, the UJB-1 is, internally, the same as the Sonic Frontiers UltraJitterbug (hence the designation by Assemblage as UJB). A pretty piece of casing, the SF unit sells for at least $200...
  2. tanfenton

    What's a good budget/shortlist for getting into vinyl?

    Who could ever accuse a modern speaker of sounding ugly? Absolutely unimpeachable. NGF
  3. tanfenton

    FS: KAB EV-1 Record Cleaning Machine

    Price lowered to $70. Let's get this thing to a better home. NGF
  4. tanfenton

    FS: Sennheiser HD-650

    Sold to NightWoundsTime NGF
  5. tanfenton

    What's a good budget/shortlist for getting into vinyl?

    Ssportclay, come on. You had to have known that a turntable up there in years--a suspended design no less--would need some work, not of the expensive kind but work nonetheless. If you're not a tweaker, get the Scout 'cause it requires as little brainpower to operate and maintain as a CD player...
  6. tanfenton

    Beogram RX

    Memepool's advice is excellent. I can't emphasis enough how stunningly good the B&O cartridges were, the saphire-cantilevered MMC-20CL and MMC-1/2 in particular, and all at less than two grams, a force that will barely keep a Grado in the groove. The later would fit your table and be underserved...
  7. tanfenton

    Vinyl, What Is The Deal

    Yep, just following the crowd here. I didn't grow up with records and now the collection's up over 1,000, some having come from my parents and others from every other little nook. I pay fifty cents a piece on average and always pass on anything costing more than a dollar. What a sucker I was...
  8. tanfenton

    Audio Advisor Record Doctor III - REVIEWED (56k WARNING)

    Nice going on the frosted poly. inner sleeve. It's one of my favorite styles. I think earplugs must have crossed your mind by now. NGF
  9. tanfenton

    New Vinyl Rig Recommendations

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker I demo'd the dedicated Rogue phono stage for a while, and it was better than entry level, but it was $900 by itself. The Rogue Stealth costs less than $800 new. They sell every now and then for $600 on AudioGoN. NGF
  10. tanfenton

    Best phonostage under $300?

    Welcome to team B&O turntable! I use the 1800 and 8002 myself. NGF
  11. tanfenton

    Does anyone know what cartridge the rega P3 comes with?

    A cartridge isn't supplied by Rega. There are much better cartridges one could fit on the P3 than those Rega builds, so their omission is actually preferable to their sticking you with a nasty cartridge on top of an already astoundingly overpriced turntable (though with the three-point mounting...
  12. tanfenton

    FS: Go-Vibe with Maha Powerex Charger and Batteries

    The charger and batteries have sold. NGF
  13. tanfenton

    Record Cleaning Necessity?

    I just saw your post at the VA. You need to change your method of cleaning with your stylus still exhuming clods of dust. Record cleaning machine or not, you don't want to see that after each play. NGF
  14. tanfenton

    LP vs CDv s XRCD vs SACD vs DVD-A vs MP3

    I have a rule of buying contemporary music on CD and everything recording up until 1989 on record. NGF
  15. tanfenton

    FS: Go-Vibe with Maha Powerex Charger and Batteries

    A sale is pending for the amp. The batteries and charger are still up for grabs. NGF
  16. tanfenton

    Keith Jarrett - Radiance (New solo concert album)

    Are either of you familiar with the trio album Changeless from 1989? It's quite moody and roiling and reminds me of some of the stuff he did with Garbarek, Danielsson, and Christensen in its sustained investigations of color and shading (I'm thinking of some of the Nude Ants sides). NGF
  17. tanfenton

    Raleigh, NC Headroom meet (6/12/05) pics and impressions

    I was imagining that I was there all of yesterday. Next time! I'm happy for the rest of you who enjoyed this rare pleasure. Thank you, Tyll. NGF
  18. tanfenton

    Nitty Gritty 2.5 vs. VPI 16.5

    I have only ever seen the VPI machines in pictures. The Nitty Gritty products with which I have some experience do everything I could want them to. The more control I have over the process, the better I feel about consistent results. YMMV. NGF
  19. tanfenton

    Moon Audio Blue Dragon Ver. 2 - the Best Yet

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up. I had been wondering when you would get ahold of the updated cable. NGF
  20. tanfenton

    Thanks to GWN, my rig is capable of spinning some vinyl!

    This just won't do, Zanth. You've gone and torn through your entire library already. Listen. How 'bout I loan you some of my Horace Silver originals as long as you promise to take good care of them? There's nothing quite like those classic Blue Notes, and I don't think you'll be picking them...
  21. tanfenton

    First impressions, EddieCurrent Dual Mono 2

    After the stopover in New York, this amp will be on its way to me. All I need to remind myself is that it will be here in two short weeks. Here is a picture Craig (Uthus) sent of the amplifier before it left California. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the final edition will look...
  22. tanfenton

    Thanks to GWN, my rig is capable of spinning some vinyl!

    Zanth, It's not fair hiding your selection from us with that clamp. What have you been playing these first couple of days? NGF
  23. tanfenton

    Thanks to GWN, my rig is capable of spinning some vinyl!

    It sounds like most of Head-Fi went into making this happen. Need I say it with you having heard this thing at last? You have arrived! NGF
  24. tanfenton

    The not so Gentle Side of John Coltrane?

    Oh! I had forgotten Live at the Village Vanguard Again! That version of "Naima" is a favorite of mine. Sanders really plays his heart out. Rarely was he so disciplined in his years with Trane. As I recall, at one point in the song, John actually plays bass clarinet. The liners make no mention of...