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  1. dffman2001


    I bought a cd from SNR, it was recieved in good shape. Excellent communication.
  2. dffman2001

    *IC: Alessandro MS-Pro + Grado RA-1 AC + Matching Stand*

    - sorry, this has been withdrawn; thanks for your interest. I'm sticking with 1 lens for the time being. I have already begun to and planning to invest heavily on a contax film system. I am investing intensively into the Zeiss glass so this may have to go (I've got my eye on the set of three...
  3. dffman2001

    WTB: pocketdock or sik din

    if you have one that will work with a 4G ipod that has a line out, send me a PM
  4. dffman2001

    can someone make me a...

    a AA battery to 9V snap on battery module. i need 2 of these to power a grado RA-1 amp. 9V are too expensive, so i'm looking for someone who can buy one of those battery beds and hook them up to a 9V snap. I'll pay for parts and labour...
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    since the feedback thread title is not named after the member in this case, new members may miss the warnings that are found here
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    Jazz - Thelonius Monk

    I have a Thelonius Monk - Ken Burns Jazz cd that I bought yesterday and decided the sound wasn't for me. Everything is in perfect condition, all booklets, perfect condition CD, and unscratched CD case. I have reciept - I bought this yesterday for $14 US plus tax at HMV. Hoping to sell for $12...
  7. dffman2001

    Creative Zen Xtra Cases?

    Does anybody kniow if there are any aftermarket cases for the Zen Xtra? I'm tired of the lack of a window in the stock case and having to unbutton the extremely stiff locking button each time to check. Thanks
  8. dffman2001

    problems with a transaction

    Ok, I'm pretty sure that I have been scammed by a head-fier First, this is a member that has a pretty good standing, with lots of good feedback. Back in April, I agreed to buy a pair of headphones from him. They didnt arrive for over 3 weeks, until he sent me a message saying how after he...
  9. dffman2001

    what should I get?

    Hi, I am looking for a budget cd/sacd/dvd-a source. what can you recommend to me for $300 and less? First and foremost, I need for the player to play normal CDs well. I dont need too many fancy features, good sound will do. I am not sure about the sacd and dvd-a playback. I do not yet have any...
  10. dffman2001

    How does the HD600 compare with ER-4's?

    I am considering maybe upgrading my headphone system. I have a Grado SR-325 and etymotics ER-4. I think i may consider buying senns to replace the grados. However, I am wondering how alike is the sound of the HD600 compared to the etys? To be honest, I find the etys very clear and good...
  11. dffman2001

    WTB: Mini to RCA

    Hi, I am looking for a good quality budget Mini - RCA cable. I am aiming for something around $40 US shipped to Canada. Preferably short. I will pay with Paypal. Thanks
  12. dffman2001

    Self-Built Headphone stand - What do you think?

    Hard Maple on mahagony base - leather strip on top somewhat matches the leather wrapping of the Grado headphones UPDATE!!! there is now a new round base.... along with all the new goodies that i got since my last post here! (yes, i'm showing off.... its not like you dont! )
  13. dffman2001

    recomendation for ~$200 amp for grado SR-325

    Hi, I am looking in buying a headphone amplifier for about $200 US (I'm fine with 2nd hand stuff) that will be used for Grado SR-325 headphones. Can someone give me some recommendations for what amp to buy? I dont have any preference for battery/AC or Tube/solid. Thanks
  14. dffman2001

    Bang & Olufsen A8 headphones - any good?

    Hi, I am interested in what everyone who has tried these headphones thinks about them. I have a pair from several years ago, and I am just curious in how it ranks in sound quality.
  15. dffman2001

    [Wanted] - cheap amp for SR-325

    Hi, I am looking for a inexpensive amp for my grado headphones. I am quite undecided on what I want, but i am willing to pay up to $200 US for it. I am interested in the Antique Sound Lab MG head and Creek OBH-11SE. Please let me know if you have a similar amp that you want to sell. I will pay...