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  1. jinxeddeep

    PSB M4U2 noise cancelling headphones with all accessories and box

    The unit is in excellent condition. This is my first sale on this forum but you can check my audiogon handle "jinxeddeep" where I have 100% positive feedback.    The unit comes with all included accessories and box. The extra set of pads and cables that come with it were never used.   I will...
  2. jinxeddeep

    Suggestions for headphones for use with iPod and laptop for around $60

    Hey guys,      I'm all excited about my first post here and can't wait to interact with the head-fi community. Last week, I finally decided to get myself a full-size headphone after two loyal years with in-ears. I am still a fledgling audiophile and so I am not as educated as most of the...