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  1. unchain

    Patch for Rockbox'd Fuze v2 to enable line-out.

    Hey all, just thought I'd share a cool find:   I found a patch for Rockbox, it enables line out on the Sansa Fuze v2  through a simple setting that you can put on your homescreen to switch between line out and headphone. It was literally posted just today, but I compiled Rockbox with the...
  2. unchain

    Big list of speakers, are any of them good?

    Hey there all, I'm really quite new to the audio world, especially in regards to anything that doesn't involve headphones. I'm trying to get a decent home speaker setup going, and right now I'm running optical from my computer into my Matrix Cube into a Harmon Kardon PM665 out to a pair of...
  3. unchain

    Starter-ish Amp+DAC $200-300 range?

    Hey all, sorry for posting a thread like this, but I figure it's the best way to get some good advice and suggestions. I'm fairly new to the world of audiophilia, got my first piece of gear at the start of this year, (Grado SR 80i) and once I put those cans on, it was all downhill from there, I...