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  1. aussiebuddha

    Best Dolby 5.1-7.1 Processor?

    I just bought a used DSS from ebay, I'll let you know my impressions once i get it. However, I listened to some demos online, that are supposed to do the same and wasn't very impressed :-/
  2. aussiebuddha

    Best Dolby 5.1-7.1 Processor?

    thanks madlust.   Do you know if the gamecom 777 is any better than the AX720? would it work on the PS3? (i think it has USB input only)
  3. aussiebuddha

    Creative Aurvana Live! CAL! vs Beyerdynamic DT235

    Hi Guys. I'm looking to buy a set of entry level full sized headphones, and currently between these 2 models. I've seen very good reviews on the CAL! as well as the the DT235. however, there are 2 things that point me towards the DT235 slightly.   1) Noise isolation, I'm planning to use...
  4. aussiebuddha

    Worst headphones you've ever heard? / Low-fi experiences?

    the ones that came with my Samsung nexus S. using them right now while getting new ones. eeew tinny and uncomfortable as F!@#
  5. aussiebuddha

    New to full sized phones. need recommendation.

    Hi All I'm looking to buy a pair of full sized headphones <$100. My idea is to put them on and zone out while at home. type of music would be jazz, classical, some pop.   good noise isolation is a must as well as non fatiguing both in physical fit and sound.   Any...
  6. aussiebuddha


    hi guys.   I bought one of these on ebay, and instead of getting this one, I got another similar version with a 3.5mm out. It's probably more suited for this application, but it sucks for mine, as my intention was not to plug headphones, but use it for line out to a t-amp.   the one I...
  7. aussiebuddha

    best 3.5mm extension cord?

    sorry for reviving an old thread, but does anyone know a good place that sells better than the usual "chinese" cables, but not as fancy as the $25 ones? Monoprice and bluejeans are quite expensive to ship internationally.
  8. aussiebuddha

    Soundmagic PL-10, anyone has them?

    Hi all. does anyone has a soundmagic pl-10? (not P10) how do they compare to the pl-30 or the ep630s? Cheers
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