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  1. Trendkill

    VSONIC GR07 Bass Edition

    Sale pending.
  2. Trendkill

    Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    I've had these for about 7 months and I have taken care of them well. They are in excellent/like new condition with about 75-100 hours on them. joker has a nice review for these in his portable headphones thread. Comes with both sets of ear pads and the 1/4" adapter. Price is firm. PayPal only...
  3. Trendkill

    Sennheiser HD518

    Somebody snag these up! $50 cheaper than the new price in like new condition.
  4. Trendkill

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Queen - Night at the Opera
  5. Trendkill

    Alessandro MS1i Headphones

    Payment sent. Thank you.
  6. Trendkill

    Home stereo that allows you to hook up an external hard drive

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to check this stuff out.
  7. Trendkill

    Fiio L6

    Works as it should - I just don't need it anymore. $8 shipped CONUS. $10 International.
  8. Trendkill

    Xears XR120 Pro II

    I would like $33 shipped CONUS. International will be slightly more. (These cost $56 from the Xears site) I had originally bought these for my wife, but she doesn't like them. They sound great - nothing wrong with them at all. Comes with pouch and 4 sets of tips.    Joker gave these a...
  9. Trendkill

    Sennheiser PX 200-II

    Price drop.
  10. Trendkill

    Audio Technica ATH-FC700 (Black)

    I have had these for a few weeks now, but I find myself listening to my PX200-II's all the time. These are in excellent shape with the exception that I cut the cloth covering the driver to let some more highs in. This has definitely helped with clarity and they are much more enjoyable. Comes...
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    Shawn Lane - The Tri-Tone Fascination - Front.jpg
  13. Trendkill

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    I am looking for a new set of cans to (hopefully) keep me happy for a while. I listen to a lot of metal, but I enjoy most genres except for country and pop. The cans need to be closed and portable. Nothing too big, please. Soundstage is somewhat important, but not a huge factor. I am interested...
  14. Trendkill

    WTB: RE0

    I'd like to give these a shot if someone has a pair (good-excellent condition) that they would like to part with. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks
  15. Trendkill

    Audio Technica ATH - AD700

    These have only been worn once (about an hour) - It's just not quite what I'm looking for. I would like $80 shipped CONUS ONLY. International shipping will be extra. PayPal only, please.
  16. Trendkill

    Xears TD III Blackwood

    If anybody has these in great condition that would like to sell them please send me a PM. Thanks. - FOUND SOME!
  17. Trendkill

    ATH-M50 Amp Suggestions

    Thanks for the input. Now I have a little something to work with as far as suggestions go. I'll have to do a little homework when the M50's arrive and see what direction I want to go based on my musical tastes.
  18. Trendkill

    ATH-M50 Amp Suggestions

    Yes we do. Thanks. I'm going to check out the site. It looks interesting.
  19. Trendkill

    FS: Brainwavz M1 - SOLD

    These only have a couple hours listening time on them and are in like new condition. As a matter of fact, I only put them in my ears 3 times. Comes with all original packaging, tips, and ear clips. Asking $30 shipped CONUS. Will post pics if requested.
  20. Trendkill

    Another "Which headphones should I buy?" thread

    You know, I've thought about the PortaPros, but it seems like I could do a bit better for not much more $. I'll certainly have to look into it a bit more.    I'm not sure if they are still available, but I saw some Grado 225's on the buy/sell here. Those seem to score high around here.  ...
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