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  1. Torq

    FS: Explorer2, UMM-6

    Sorry, it sold a week or so ago and I forgot to update the listing.
  2. Torq

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    There's a switch on the front-panel that turns that compensation off - so you get a straight neutral result. It was originally there in anticipation of potential circumaural ribbon-driver headphones, which wouldn't need the step-baffle compensation (same thing with the RAAL amplifiers), but it...
  3. Torq

    SOLD: miniDSP EARS - Headphone Measurement Rig

    Selling my miniDSP EARs rig - due to switching to a GRAS setup. Unit is in excellent condition (can't tell it from new) and functions perfectly. Calibration and compensation profiles are available from the miniDSP EARs page (using the serial number of the unit). I also have additional...
  4. Torq

    FS: Explorer2, UMM-6

    Putting Elex pads on the Stellia will drop bass levels so much that they'll sound like anemic trash. It's a non-starter. Elegia pads, if you can get them, are a possibility. But despite Focal's pads being pricey, the Stellia are worth running with their stock pads. I wouldn't do them any...
  5. Torq

    FS: Explorer2, UMM-6

    They are. Thinking about putting them on your Clear?
  6. Torq

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    In the latest iteration, high purity OCC copper, in a proprietary dual-interleaved quad-helix geometry (8 conductors per channel), yielding an effective total AWG of 18.
  7. Torq

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    You can probably find someone to do it for less as a custom order. Whether it is done properly or not is another matter. There is a difference in what it takes to make a cable that works correctly when the transducer you're driving has anywhere from 100x to 1000x the resistance of the cable...
  8. Torq

    FS: Explorer2, UMM-6

    One bump, before it all goes to Good Will.
  9. Torq

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    What are you trying to extend? There are no 2.5mm connections on the SR1a; the connections on the headphone side are 3.5mm TRRS. Are you thinking of adding extensions at the headphone end of the cable? If you're using the "Amp/Ribbon Interface" box, via a speaker/power amp, then increasing...
  10. Torq

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    I expect you're going to love it, too ... but I'll say more in my write-up sometime over the weekend (need to finish pictures, excuse the quick-and-dirty shot of my unit here).
  11. Torq

    SOLD: Parks Audio - Puffin Phono Pre-Amp/DSP

    Selling my like-new Puffin phono pre-amp/stage w/ DSP. Unit works perfectly, looks like new, and has been updated to the latest firmware. It includes all original accessories and packaging. Kept in a smoke, pet, child, and COVID-19 free home. --- Not interested in trades or offers. ---...
  12. Torq

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    For those worrying about the behavior of the Jotunheim R, heat output and position of the volume dial - bear in mind that the volume setting is only part of the equation in determining how much power the amp is being asked to deliver. It is also dependent on the input level from your source. A...
  13. Torq

    FS: Explorer2, UMM-6

    Selling some random items I have hanging around. All are in perfect condition, and come from a smoke, child, pet, cologne and COVID-19 free home and, unless otherwise noted, are complete and in original packaging: Meridian Explorer2 (No box; DAC/amp, pouch and cable only) - $110 Dayton UMM-6...
  14. Torq

    DMP Z1 with Extensive Mods player only (Sold!!!)

    Those solder joints look ... horrific.
  15. Torq

    Chord 2Go & 2Yu Wired/Wireless Network streamer and S/PDIF adaptor - Official thread

    Can’t speak for others, but I’ve never had any pops, clicks or crackles using 2Go/Hugo 2 via Roon. Others modes of playback are a different matter.
  16. Torq

    Astell&Kern new flagship A&Ultima SP2000

    No change in battery life here, either.
  17. Torq

    SOLD: RAAL HSA-1a Amp (for SR1a, speakers and w/ update for NORMAL headphones)

    I’m selling my updated RAAL-requisite HSA-1a direct-drive amplifier for SR1a, speakers and normal headphones. The update swaps the second SR1a output for a conventional 4-pin XLR output for driving normal, balanced*, dynamic or planar magnetic headphones. This is the best sounding amplifier...
  18. Torq

    SOLD: SPL Phonitor X (w/ DAC module) Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp - Black - $1,795

    Selling my SPL Phonitor X (w/ DAC192 module) headphone and pre-amplifier. I used this as my primary solid-state headphone amplifier both for reviews/comparisons (my review of this unit can be found here) and listening for pleasure. Selling because 95% of my listening time is either via the SR1a...
  19. Torq

    SOLD: Pete Millet NuHybrid (Korg NuTube) Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amp/Buffer - $195

    I’m selling my remaining Pete Millet “NuHybrid” headphone amplifier built around the Korg NuTube 61P. Basically sounds like a no-feedback single-ended-triode amp. It works best with headphones from 32 ohms to 300 ohms. Standard RCA inputs/ouputs and 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS headphone socket. It can...
  20. Torq

    SOLD: RME ADI-2 DAC fs (latest 4493 rev. w/ new remote)

    Selling one of my RME ADI-2 DAC fs units. This is the latest version with the AKM4493 DAC, added “SD LD” filter, and new, more comprehensive, remote control. It is in like-new cosmetic and flawless functional condition. It has been kept in a child, pet, smoke, cologne and virus free...