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  1. Pepsi

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Once again, my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I know a lot of us doesn't drink a lot of pop/soda, but if you had to choose, which one would you truly go with? I think everyone knows what i like. If you don't, jump off a bridge.
  2. Pepsi

    FS. Sennheiser HD650 w/ v.3 blue dragon cable

    I'm pursuing the k1000, and i need money quick to get them. I used the headphone for about 10 hours of listening time and they were stored in the box ever since my HD800's showed up. I still have everything that came with the headphone such as the box, manual, adapter, etc. SOLD.
  3. Pepsi

    Other Passions?

    Just wondering, besides the Audio Hobby, what else are you guys into, and i mean something that you guys really appreciate in life and have the utmost love and passion for? For me, it's Football. More specifically, Quarterbacking. I played all through middle school and junior year in high...
  4. Pepsi

    iPhone 4G Leaked

    iPhone 4G Apparently this is legit. I really hope it's not because cosmetically i am very disappointed. It just looks like they flattened the 3g and called it a day. Looking forward to the specs though.
  5. Pepsi

    This is why America has the worst dieting regulations

    The new KFC Sandwich, is this available in your area yet? And would you eat this thing? If so, may god help you. KFC Has A Bacon Sandwich That Uses Fried Chicken As "Bread" - The Consumerist
  6. Pepsi

    T.I is Back. Anyone else excited?

    T.I.'s Official Website I for one have been anticipating his return. Yes, some of his music are modern rap beats, but he does release some very lyrically inclining songs such as "live in the sky," "dead and gone" and "my life, your entertainment." He may not be a resemblance of tupac or...
  7. Pepsi

    XLD ripper

    I've been using this program for quite some time now and i have to say it offers more reliability than other Mac based programs. I think i can say this is as close as it gets for EAC on windows. Check out the program for yourselves and see.
  8. Pepsi


    It was just released today, since i did enjoy the movie very much i thought i'd pick up the blu ray today at wal-mart. To my surprise, they were sold out along with 3 other surrounding stores. Was this movie that good or did they just decide to ship out 2 copies per store?
  9. Pepsi

    How do you interpret your music?

    How you interpret your music? What i mean by that is everyone has their own different way of listening to music. For example with every song that plays i listen to the lyrics, and find out what kind of message the artist is trying to get across, if i can relate to it, the song automatically...
  10. Pepsi

    Insomnia anyone?

    Anyone here night owls? What do you do/use to help to you go to sleep? Some may enjoy the night time, i for once would like to be awake during the daytime.
  11. Pepsi

    NFL Playoffs has begun.

    I think this should be a fair subject for discussion. I'm a Viking so of course i hope they can pull through after the last 5 rocky games. Hopefully the Giants win can get them back on track. It will be difficult for either team(Cardinals/Packers) to play us next week. For those Packers fans...