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  1. Chigorin

    LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

    I'm not an owner of the LCD-2's, but I have been following this thread for a while, just passively observing the comments and it appears we have some feedback on the ALO Audio silver/copper cables, the Moon audio Blue and Silver Dragon's, the black magic's, Norse cables, and a few others.  It...
  2. Chigorin

    AKG K702 Impressions.

    I got the Burson audio HA-160D and all I can say is that the 702s are starting to sound amazing! I also got them recabled by ALO Audio.  I spent alot of money, but the sound keeps on improving with every day that goes by.  I cant wait until these reach the 300-400 hour mark!  I'm sure they'll be...
  3. Chigorin

    AKG K702 Improvements

    I've heard good things about the NuForce HDP Icon DAC/Amp.  I have not heard it myself, but it may be of interest.  I went with the Burson HA-160D and the 702s sound AMAZING!  I also looked at the E9 and E7 when searching for an amp/DAC.  I think the NuForce would be a better choice, but I have...
  4. Chigorin

    AKG 702 sound

    I think that if people say the AKG 702s sound "cold" or "boring/analytical"  they haven't paired it with the right amp and they haven't put enough hours of burn in on those phones.  Yes they are detailed.  Yes they are precise.  But cold?  It doesn't sound cold to me, I'm using a Burson HA-160D...
  5. Chigorin

    Unleashing the AKG-702

    Quote: I'm new to Headfi but I also agree with chris 007 and metalh3ad, I'm using the new Burson HA-160D to power my AKG 702s.  All I can say is that they sound fantastic together.  It's nice because its an all in one box solution Amp/Dac/preamp out.  I'm currently breaking everything in...
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  7. Chigorin

    AKG 702 SXC Cryo Cable by ALO Audio

    Cable Description: Featuring unidirectional OCC that is silver plated, being free from impurity (up to 99.99998% pure copper) has electric resistance and practically no crystal boundaries. Accordingly, it is able to transmit electrical signals faster, and with less distortion than ordinary OFC...
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