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  1. Trendkill

    VSONIC GR07 Bass Edition

    These were purchased new just recently, but I can't get a good seal. I have tried dozens of tips, but to no avail. It's unfortunate because the sound is incredible. Price is FIRM. NO trades. PayPal only, please. I will gladly send pictures to any serious buyers. Thanks for looking. 
  2. Trendkill

    ATH M50S - ATH AD500 - Shure SE215

    M50S - SOLD AD500 - SOLD SE215 -SOLD   The M50's I've had for about 8 months and put roughly 150 hours on them.  The AD500's are bout a year old and I have put maybe 100 hours on them. Used mainly for movies and games.  The SE215's are about 2 months old with less than 50 hours on...
  3. Trendkill

    Vsonic GR06

    I would like to get my hands on these - in excellent condition of course. I will only purchase from sellers in the USA. Thanks for looking. 
  4. Trendkill

    iBasso D-Zero USB DAC/AMP

    OBO - Up for sale is my iBasso D-Zero. It is in like new condition. It's 6 months old with about 150 hours on it. It's a great sounding little amp - very small, great for a portable rig as well as a laptop. I paid $130 (shipped) for this straight from iBasso, but I'm only asking $90 shipped...
  5. Trendkill

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm

    These have less than 20 hours on them and they are in excellent condition. Smoke free home and only handled by me. I simply find myself listening to my other headphones instead of these. I paid $200 for these less than a month ago. SOLD!
  6. Trendkill

    Sennheiser HD518

    SOLD     These have a little over 100 hours on them and are like new (less than 2 months old). These sound really good after burn in. I no longer have use for them as I have upgraded. These cost $130 when I bought them. I'm pretty sure the price is still the same.   $75 Shipped...
  7. Trendkill

    Alessandro MS1, Superlux 668b, Audio Technica ATH-FC700

    MS1's come with comfy pads and bowls. - $80 shipped - SOLD 668b's come with stock ear pads and Creative Sound Blaster ear pads.- $40 shipped - SOLD ATH-FC700's have cloth removed that covered driver (helps with the highs a little. - $20 shipped   All of these are in proper working order.
  8. Trendkill

    WANTED: Fiio E9/E7 Combo

    I am looking for the combo only, not separate. In excellent condition, of course. Please PM me with any offers. I prefer to pay using PayPal. Thanks for looking.
  9. Trendkill

    WANTED: Sennheiser HD598

    I am looking for a pair of HD598 headphones in excellent condition. PM me with any offers. I prefer to pay using PayPal. Thanks for looking.
  10. Trendkill

    Home stereo that allows you to hook up an external hard drive

    Do these exist?! I have done some searching and I'm coming up empty. I would like to avoid having to go through my computer to listen to music if I can. My budget is $200. Is there anything out there that works for that price? Thanks.
  11. Trendkill

    Fiio E7

    Less than a week old. Works perfectly, but not what I was looking for. Comes with original packaging and accessories. - $75 shipped CONUS. PM for international shipping. 
  12. Trendkill

    Sennheiser PX 200-II

    ATH-FC700 -These are in excellent shape with the exception that I cut the cloth covering the driver to let some more highs in. This has definitely helped with clarity and they are much more enjoyable. Comes with 1/4 inch adapter and pouch. I would like $20 shipped CONUS. - GONE   Sennheiser...
  13. Trendkill


    Less than 20 hours on this one. Excellent condition. Comes with patch cable and power supply. $45 shipped CONUS. International shipping will be more. 
  14. Trendkill

    Alessandro MS-1, MEElec M9P, MEElec M6, Xears TD-III Blackwood

    All items in excellent/new condition.   MS-1 has less than 2 hours on it. - $85 shipped. - SOLD MEElec M9P - $12 shipped. - SOLD MEElec M6 - $13 shipped. - SOLD Xears TD-III Blackwood - These are sold out at the Xears site, but they sell for around $70 shipped I believe. - I am asking...
  15. Trendkill

    PRICE DROP - Audio Technica ATH-M50 - 1 Week Old

    Just like the name states! These have about 50 hours on them and they sound great! I just prefer the sound of open cans. I paid $120 for these shipped. I would like $95 - this includes shipping and fees CONUS, which will be $10 at least. I will consider a trade for the Alessandro MS1's. PayPal...
  16. Trendkill

    Fiio L3 for Ipod

    I have a gently used L3 for Ipod that I would like to sell. $10 shipped conus. Anywhere else might be extra. PayPal only. The Turtle Beach USB is not part of the deal. My apologies if there was any confusion. SOLD
  17. Trendkill


    I have a Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro II that I don't use since I have a new laptop. I used it with Foobar and my music never sounded better. Comes with optical adapter. $15 shipped and it's yours. International shipping might be extra. PayPal only. The Fiio L3 cable not included.
  18. Trendkill

    Fiio E5

    I have a gently used Fiio E5 with the headphone jack connector cable and usb cable in a pouch. Works as it should. $15 shipped conus. International shipping may be extra. PayPal only, please. SOLD
  19. Trendkill

    Maxell DHP-II / Koss Porta Pro / MEElec M6

    The Maxell's and the Koss have less than 10 hours on each of them. The M6 have been burned in with over 100 hours on them. All of these work as they should.    Maxell DHP-II - Comes with case, adapter and extension cable - $25 shipped conus. The cheapest I have seen these is $40 shipped...
  20. Trendkill

    ATH-M50 Amp Suggestions

    First off I would like to start off with a little background. I absolutely love Heavy Metal. I also like some Hip Hop and a little Jazz. Some of my favorite bands are Opeth, Lamb of God, Exodus, Shadows Fall and Mastodon.    I just ordered the ATH-M50's due to the positive comments on here...
  21. Trendkill

    Another "Which headphones should I buy?" thread

    My budget is roughly $75. I could go slightly higher if the quality warrants it. A 16gig Ipod Touch will be the primary source of music, but I will also use a Shuffle when I work out. Very rarely do I use my PC for any headphone listening. I'd prefer headphones that can be powered by these...