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  1. Greg121986

    SOLD: Schiit Modius black

    SOLD! Please delete. Impulse bought this and really enjoyed it. But then I thought well, how much would I like the Gungnir? So for now, I am keeping the Gungnir. :) This barely saw 4-5 weeks of use before it was put back in the box. I bought it in from Schiit in June of 2020. It's in perfect...
  2. Greg121986

    FS: Focal Drop Elex

    Bought these in the middle of October and they are essentially as new and in excellent condition. The plastic is still on the cables. I put less than 40 hours of use into them. $560 shipped.
  3. Greg121986

    FS: IFI Ipurifier3 & SoundBlasterX G6

    iFi iPurifier 3 with Type B connection - $90 shipped Creative Sound BlasterX G6 and a USB cable - $100 shipped
  4. Greg121986

    FS: Totem Rainmaker Speakers

    A really wonderful speaker! I wish I was in the market right now. GLWS!
  5. Greg121986

    SOLD: Gustard DAC-X26 w/ USB

    I compared this extensively to my Audio-GD NFB7.77 and in some ways it's better. I wanted to keep it mostly because it's 1/3 the physical size of the Audio-GD. They sound pretty similar but the Audio-GD has a bit more of a relaxed sound, and slightly less detail. My preference for the Gustard is...
  6. Greg121986

    SOLD: NuForce STA200

    Bump for price drop.
  7. Greg121986

    SOLD: Sony TA-A1ES Integrated Stereo Amp

    Selling this fantastic integrated amp because I am going back to a more dedicated home theater setup. I spend less than 10% of my time critically listening to music anymore, so it just makes more sense to have something like an AVR or Pre-Pro. I've been using this for awhile and it has been...
  8. Greg121986


    Please delete.
  9. Greg121986

    (SOLD) FS: Wyred4Sound mINT (Integrated DAC/amp) - $550

    What a really cool piece! I wish I needed this for my bedroom setup. Looks like an RPI plus a DAC HAT would make for a really killer and tiny stereo setup. GLWS
  10. Greg121986

    SOLD: Auralic Aries Femto w/ LPS

    SOLD I will add pics soon. Also includes a generic 1 meter AES/EBU cable. LPS is the unit from Auralic. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees to US addresses only. I do not want any trades. $850.
  11. Greg121986

    SOLD: NuForce STA200

    SOLD This is without a doubt the most fun, most surprisingly great piece of audio equipment I've ever had. It was really great with my Focal Electra 1028 Be, and exceptional with my ELAC Unifi UB5. Unfortunately, I am moving so I need to be rid of my bedroom system where this has served me...
  12. Greg121986

    SOLD: 2M Forza Audioworks Noir HPC for Clear/Elear

    Selling this 4-pin XLR Forza Noir HPC cable (not MK2) that I've used on my Focal Clear. It's 2 meters long. Good condition, no tears or nasty marks. I will ship to USA only. No trades please. Price includes PP fees and shipping.