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  1. MDR-R10's


  2. Small ATH-W2002

    Small ATH-W2002

  3. gpalmer

    FS: HeadAmp Gilmore V2

    Bump, great price on a great amp!
  4. gpalmer

    Etymotics - Good Seal?

    Quote: Originally posted by john_jcb When I first got mine I was amazed at how tiring the noise really was. I arrived at my destination far fresher than I can ever remember. Amen to that, the first time I flew with them I was doing a California to Florida trip and both legs there...
  5. gpalmer

    Laptop issues, IT help needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ttvetjanu It's not that the computer would suddenly reboot. After the computer has shut down, it decides to restart. Yesterday I counted to 5 before the computer restarted. Before this the computer had appeared to be completely shut down. Is that...
  6. gpalmer

    computer speaker suggestions/recommendations...must be cheap lol.

    I would look at Yamaha's myself. They've had a number of winners at the low end over the years though I'm not sure what they're selling now.
  7. gpalmer

    Happy 2009 Birthday Born2bwire!

    Best wishes for a happy B-Day!
  8. gpalmer

    major Windows Vista flaws

    Quote: Originally Posted by UncleDavid218 But it's not dual core. That just has to do with threads, not cores. Two totally different things. I think you missed the point of my post. The hyperthreading makes one processor appear to be two processors. The split Pentium 4M appears...
  9. gpalmer

    New Head-Fi record...

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong No. But you need to perform favours for Kirosia first.
  10. gpalmer

    major Windows Vista flaws

    Quote: Originally Posted by UncleDavid218 I'm first wondering how you got a dual core CPU @ 3GHz as neither Intel or AMD currently support such high frequencies in mobile processors. Well, I have one that's years old. I have a Pentium 4 Mobile that runs at 3.0 GHz. Enable...
  11. gpalmer


    Great deal. The USPS made this a very trying transaction but that does not reflect on Zach in any way and he did the right things to make it work out in the end. He was wonderful as we worked through this deal. Highly recommended!
  12. gpalmer

    Happy Birthday gpalmer!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia I thought I killed you already? You know, I've been getting that a lot lately. One guy on another forum was kind enough to want to kill me twice! Quote: Originally Posted by digger945 Inquiring people want to know... old...
  13. gpalmer

    Happy Birthday gpalmer!

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone, much appreciated as always! BTW Old Pa, I went out and bought myself $260.00 worth of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for this house and a new water heater for our place in San Jose. Man, my taste in new toys just ain't what it used to be! Best thing was...
  14. gpalmer


    BTW, I also wanted to add a couple links to counter your statement about there being no statutory protection in Florida from civil suits after the use of legally justifiable force. First One, GunLaws Second One, NRA
  15. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa Thank you for posting the link to Mr. Gutmacher's website. For the benefit of others, Mr. Gutmacher is an FL attorney and author who appears to make his livlihood in part from defending individuals who have successfully defended themselves and are now...
  16. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by number1sixerfan It's the laws that I want look at and I want to go about everything as responsible as possible. That I think, is the key point. It doesn't matter how great a shot you are, if you do not understand the firearm laws as they are written...
  17. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa I would not identify myself as much of a "whiz" on anything under any circumstances; that is not my place. I have to say your insights and opinions have been very enjoyable over the years. I have come to look forward to your posts and value your...
  18. gpalmer


    BTW Old Pa, that provision actually pre-existed before the "Castle Doctrine." The "Castle Doctrine" mainly gave us immunity from civil suits after a shooting.
  19. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa Before I went back to law school, I was a cop for five years (my M.S. is in criminalistics). I've been practicing law for twenty-five years now and teaching the legal aspects of lethal force to CCW applicants for more than five years. I know something...
  20. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by archosman You know what? If there's a doubt in your mind then don't buy one. Seriously. All of us who own firearms know that this could always be a possibility and have had to think and consider what we would do if this scenario ever came around. I'd...
  21. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa While I have not seen the statutory language in FL or other jurisdictions enacting some form of the "castle doctrine", I am sure that the presumption statutorially created is a rebuttable presumption so as to avoid the misuse/abuse you later mention. A...
  22. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo However the most important question can only be answered by the individual. Will you be able/capable/willing to fire at another human being? Even when that individual is in your home coming at you and you are afraid for you life (or a loved one)? If...
  23. gpalmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by Old Pa It would certainly be the worst day of your life, even if it turned out well. But legally, for the defensive shooter, a goblin in the home is the best fact situation. You should know your home, where everyone is, and your target before firing. The...
  24. gpalmer


    Antonio picked up a very high end set of headphones from me. It was a great experience. I can't imagine this deal being any better unless I actually got to meet him in person. Payment was very fast, he had realistic expectations and it was a LOT of fun just chatting with him as the deal...
  25. gpalmer


    Yee hawww!!! My two Tromix SBS just came in. 2 guns, both 12 gauge, both with 8" barrels, one has a set of XS night sights, the other has an EOTech 512 on it. Now, just have to wait for the Feds to approve the Form 4 so they can some home with me...