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  1. marios_mar

    WTB LCD-2, SENN HD800, BEYER T1, HE560, grado RS-1 (within the EU)

    Wanted to buy either of those: LCD-2 SENN HD800 BEYER T1 HE560 RS-1 for a good price and condition. pm me.
  2. marios_mar

    Beyer T1 vs Grado RS1 vs Sennheiser HD660s vs HD700

    Well, actually I am not trying to start a VS thread. But here is what I am looking for: I am looking for a great headphone up to 600 euro used. I appreciate the Sennheiser mids. I currently own a pair of HD650s and a pair of DT770 pro. I like the low bass impact of the Beyer's but I feel like...
  3. marios_mar

    FS Beyer DT770 250ohm (used for a few hours)-EU

    Box included, very little usage hours. Probably not even properly burned in. Price 90 euro.
  4. marios_mar

    WTT (EU) my HD6xx (HD650)+cash trade for Grado RS1

    boxed in excellent condition. Trade for RS1 grado (any version) + cash
  5. marios_mar

    You think going to IE800 unamped will make a huge difference...

    from some of the better IEM that come with high end galaxy samsung phones. My samsung pair is dual driver and sounds pretty good. I was wondering if buying a hi end pair of IEMs to use un amped with my laptop and phone is a good or bad idea.
  6. marios_mar

    ie800 Sennheiser

    good condition. especially the cable... should not crackle or interrupt or anything. Cable must be perfect in every way. Headphone itself should be in perfect working conditions. I don't mind the cosmetic condition too much. Also the included accessories must be present. Lastly means of...
  7. marios_mar

    Stax SR507 earspeakers + STAX SRM-006t tube amp (EU)

    Earspearks boxed, like new basically. Amp excellent condition. Both work perfectly and sound amazing. I can make any hi-res pictures you like on request. No trades please unless they include IE800 Sennheiser plus cash. new price 900 euro
  8. marios_mar

    Stax SS amp

    If you have one of those send me an offer. I am also interested in a headphone/amp combo as well if available. Preferably from the EU.
  9. marios_mar

    Stax Lambda SR404 or 407 or 507

    If you have one of those send me an offer. I am also interested in a headphone/amp combo as well if available. Preferably from the EU. 
  10. marios_mar

    E17 specs says it supports 300ohms, E17K say it supports up to 150 ohm. what does this mean?

    Could somebody perhaps explain the technical difference to me?    Do those two units have a different amp in some way? Does it mean that the E17 has a greater voltage swing and current abilities when powering headphones?     Does this spec mean that the E17 could be able to drive headphones...
  11. marios_mar

    iPod TOUCH 3G - 64GB (EU)

    For sale is a 64 GB ipod touch, battery holds great, screen is excellent. Overall a great iPod
  12. marios_mar

    Has anybody tried the E17K Alpen 2 with hd800s? Could you recommend something of similar quality for hd800s as a laptop companion for hi-fi?

    the spec says up to 150ohms unlike the previous Alpen model. Has anyone tried them with hd800s?    At that price range, what would you recommend as an amp/dac combo that will sound significantly better than the laptops output?
  13. marios_mar

    Best Bang for Buck amp for HD800s-Should I upgrade my amp?

    I read a variety of opinions about the amplification of the HD800s and it seems that most people claim that the Sennheiser flagship cannot reach its full potential (or anywhere near that) unless they are amplified by a good matching high end amp.    Are there any bang for buck options for the...
  14. marios_mar

    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc, Mint Condition in BOX (EU) or TRADE with E17K or another DAC/amp PRICE DROP

    Now available for sale.   I am interested in trades.    Particularly interested in a small laptop, older macbook, iPad, a good source or something similar.
  15. marios_mar

    WTB Sennheiser HD800 from EU

    Wtb Sennheiser HD800 from the EU.
  16. marios_mar

    Help me spot the sonic signature I am after. Beyer bass, Senn mids, non-harsh highs

    Deep (like DT770) and punchy lows with a decent soundstage (at least similar to HD600)   The HD580/600 seem to roll off at deep lows, but their midrange is not recessed to the degree the beyers are.    I love the mids the Senn HD600 have. Actually if they had deeper bass like the Dt770s or...
  17. marios_mar

    Euphonic High-End Headphones

    Could you list the High End headphones you consider euphonic? 
  18. marios_mar

    WTB STAX OMEGA II SR007 for reasonable price

    As said in title.
  19. marios_mar

    Beyerdynamic DT770 250 ohm NEW for sale or trade with something

    Beyerdynamic DT770 250 ohm Bought them new. Closed cans aren't for me apparently. Tried them on, then didn't use them they are new.   shipping within the EU included in the price.
  20. marios_mar

    iPod 5G (EU)

    It's a 5th generation iPod in good condition, works and sounds excellent.    Shipping is approximately 6-7 euro for within the EU.   price drop. 80 euro.
  21. marios_mar

    Fiio E12 Mont Blanc, Mint Condition in BOX trade with DESKTOP amp+CASH

    The amp works perfectly and is in fantastic condition. I am interested in a trade with a desktop amp. PM me with your offers please.    I will pay the difference to trade for a good desktop amp.
  22. marios_mar

    HifiMan HE-500 mint condition, with original case and accessories. (plus fiio e12 montblanc in case of trade with stax system)

    I am mainly interested in trades, with Stax systems. feel free to make your offers. I would prefer trades within the EU so no import taxes will apply.     The picture is  from the net. My pair is in mint condition. 
  23. marios_mar

    Sony Eggos MDR-D22SL-Want to trade them with anything. I don't use them.

    I'd like to trade those for anything interesting. they are blue in color. The pic is from the internet. I don't have any use for them so they just sit. Trades with anything are welcome.
  24. marios_mar

    GRADO RS1 (mint to excellent condition.)

    I would be interested in some kind of trade Maybe some electrostatics. Just make your proposals and we may work something out.    The photo is obviously an internet photo, but if needed I could make some nice real pics of the particular pair of RS1s.
  25. marios_mar

    DIY wooden enclosrure for RA1 type amp project

    I will be doing a project with the aim of making an amp enclosure similar to the one of the RA1.   The amp I will place inside it will be the RA1 clone sold on ebay for 20 dollars. I just bought it and made it and it sound great with RS1!!!         Is anybody interested in me...