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  1. Oddball

    Great shirt for our kids! [56K warning]

    Your son is adorable. Cool find!
  2. Oddball

    Love equipment more than music?

    I can listen to my favorite songs on stock headphones, but I can't listen to songs I dislike on top equipment. While I have a thing for all the shiny things, it was music that led me there.
  3. Oddball

    Official NYC Fall Regional Meet Sat Nov 10th.

    I will try my very best to come to my first Head-Fi meet and be the/a token female. I might be asking some stupid/n00b questions about meets as Nov 10th draws closer.
  4. Oddball

    What are the Best IEM's for small ear canals?

    I have pretty small ears and ear canals (Grados are circumaural for me), and I found the Shure e2 with small clear sleeves to be too big, but the Westone um2 with short complys are really working well for me. Never tried the Etys though.
  5. Oddball

    The Endorsement: LG Chocolate

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the mp3 player capabilities on the Chocolate. I was wondering if I should make the investment (microsd card + reader + 2.5" to 3.5" adapter ~$30) to use it as one.
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    What does Team Girl-Fi mean?

    I started Team Girl-Fi because I didn't like that other posters assumed that I was male and wanted a way to give them an indication that I was a girl without being too blunt. It was just a matter of pronoun preference. And kind of a thing to say that teenage girls can appreciate audio too...
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    Quick Denon DCP-150 question

    That's what I thought. Thanks!
  8. Oddball

    Quick Denon DCP-150 question

    Is the digital out on the DCP-150 optical or coaxial? I've seen it referred to as both on Head-Fi.
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    Official NYC Meet Sat Nov 4th

    My gear and I would love to go, but since I'm barely capable of riding the NYC subway, I don't think I'd be able to figure out the Manhattan train, and since I now rely solely on public transportation....
  10. Oddball

    The post your picture thread

    jpburton5150: yay for threadless! I'm actually wearing one of their shirts right now.
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    Of Gender, Dorm Rooms, and Audio Sources...

    Quote: Originally Posted by rincewind I hope ur room mate is a head-fier! problem solved Haha...but not happening. They won't let me room with a guy. So basically I should rip everything in flac to a huge cheap hard drive (and hopefully not bring my cds), get a dac, don't...
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    Of Gender, Dorm Rooms, and Audio Sources...

    Quote: Originally Posted by BradJudy Oh, you already mentioned risers, but just to reinforce, never place anything worth much directly on the floor in a dorm. When I was in the dorms, there was about a one in ten chance that during a year, some idiot would trigger the sprinkler system...
  13. Oddball

    Of Gender, Dorm Rooms, and Audio Sources...

    Thanks guys...maybe I'm being a little too melodramatic with my mental images of a psychotic roommate. Turntable on the desk or dresser is probably the pragmatic solution, but is there anything fundamentally wrong with a CDP under the bed?
  14. Oddball

    Of Gender, Dorm Rooms, and Audio Sources...

    I'll be going to college this fall, and I have some reservations about fitting everything (i.e. audio equipment) into my dorm room. I know that these are some ridiculous questions, but please consider the extenuating circumstances. The first question: audio fidelity heresies aside, would it...
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    I know that I'm the oddball in this sense, but I was wondering if you could give us a sense of how big and heavy the dac is? Loved the pictures.
  16. Oddball

    Any anybody tried amping the ksc75?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jagorev I think they definitely showed noticeable improvement with an amp. Same here. The biggest differences for me (with my PRII) are better soundstage and tighter positioning.
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    Eagerly awaiting any further impressions and photos.
  18. Oddball

    Heads UP - KSC75's for $9.99

    Quote: Originally Posted by bubsdaddy I did a price match at CC to get a KSC75 without the volume control. They called a local store to check the price and availablity. I didn't get the extra 10% difference though. Ditto here. Since CC's selling them for $20, I think the...
  19. Oddball

    A.P. Exams

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oistrakh Since everybody in these days are so competitive, I doubt I'll even make it into Cornell.... Let me guess you got straight 99% in your AP classes which was why you were accepted into Princeton? Heck no. I've never gotten a 99% in a HS class...
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    Listing your equipment in your sig: Attention seeking or helpful???

    I don't think it's bragging if just a rig is listed, but when someone starts to list every single piece of gear they have in every iteration possible in a very long gets annoying. Usually sig rigs help me put the person's point of view in context, and helps me figure out what...
  21. Oddball

    Nomad/Creative Jukebox 3 - does it have digital ouput ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Veniogenesis I'm assuming you can't connect a USB DAC up to it, can you? You're correct. Someone tried to do this.
  22. Oddball

    Portable CD Player w/ Digital output

    Quote: Originally Posted by adam917 How do you get the optical-out working? Which model? The rest are pretty much locate the optical-out and plug in the appropriate cable, but I believe that the iRiver has a combo line-out and optical-out that somehow detects which signal to send...
  23. Oddball

    Scratched CD's or DVD's? Interesting product may fix them...

    I can see music appreciation clubs buying one of these to use. Or libraries. Libraries really need CD polishing/fixing/de-scratching machines. They often have amazing collections, but often, the most popular CDs are really scratched.
  24. Oddball

    Portable CD Player w/ Digital output

    The iRiver imp-550 is a more recent (yet discontinued) model that has an optical out. A few of the older Sonys also have digital outs, and the elusive Optimus CD3400 and Denon DCP-150 also have them.
  25. Oddball

    BestSkinsEver - Review of the New Version!

    Awesome thread. I just used the instructions to put on a BSE on my PSP and it turned out better than I thought it would. I'm pretty clumsy and bad with tasks that involve patience, but the instructions worked for me. Thumbs up!