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    Feedback for me !
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    How long has your Chinese Tube amplifier lasted you ?

    Hi, I am interested in getting a LD MK III but I have this nagging question in my mind regarding the longevity of the amp. If they don't last very long then perhaps I will be better off spending more and getting something better that (should) last (like maybe a Woo ? )   So please let me...
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    WTB : AD797BN OPAMPs

    Hi, I wish to buy AD797BN OPAMPS. I am aware that they have since been discontinued so they will be rare. I need 4 but since they are rare I will be overjoyed if I could get at least 2. I would require shipping to be done to India but since they are small ICs they can be shipped via USPS...
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    PSU for Bravo Amplifier

    Ok, creating this thread for the benifit of all Bravo tube amp users who want to upgrade their PSU to something better. Please post if you have successfuly upgraded your PSU and from where you bought it from. A head-fi member hi-flight has been gracious enough to post a link to a similar...
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    Beta Brainwavz - {REVIEW}

    First off, thanks to MP4Nation for providing me a testing sample. This is one earphone that really needs a thorough burn-in before you can listen to it. Just out of the box, I would not pay over $5 for them. They were extremely sibilant with harsh treble. Many users of the Beta...
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    Anybody heard this amp ?

    Its price has dropped and from its specs its seems to have more power compared to the similarly priced Qinpu A3 which got decent reviews here. Its on sale now. Anybody took a plunge to try it out ? | YUIN
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    6DJ8 Tubes

    Hi, was wondering how this particular tube sounds - JAN Philips 6922 6DJ8 - eBay (item 400076713824 end time Dec-31-09 08:00:16 PST) I was thinking about getting one but was wondering if this was any better than my current Sylvana 6DJ8 tube. Also do let me know if there are any other good...
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    Hippo VB vs Crossroads Woodie 2 vs Head-direct RE1 {REVIEW}

    First a little background, I won a Govibe DAC in one of the many contests that Uncle Wilson from Jaben Singapore throws on his forums. The people who participated in the contest but did not win anything received a free Hippo Boom earphone to make them feel better ! Since I already had a DAC...