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  1. goorackerelite

    FS:/ Sennheiser HD650 Excellent condition $250

    I know I"m gonna regret this but up for a sale is a perennial favorite in the Sennheiser HD650 in excellent condition. I've used it for about 20 hours total, looks brand new in presentation case. $250 US net to me I'm open to international sales too, but you'll have to pay shipping...
  2. goorackerelite

    FS: Cardas Cables for Senn HD6xx,580

    SOLD!!! I've gone through all types of cables and settled on the liquid immediacy of the Cardas. However, I no longer need these cables as I am selling my Senn HD650s on this forum. external conductors in perfect condition, pins are straight as an arrow as you can see in photos...
  3. goorackerelite

    FS: Sennheiser HD650

    SOLD!!! - Please serious buyers only Includes Headphones 1/4" - 1/8" Flex cable adapter ( to reduce stress on components ) ($15.00 Value) Sennheiser Headphone box (does not come with headphone stand) Used very sparingly in a none smoking, none pet household. Does...
  4. goorackerelite

    Best phono plug for Equinox cable.

    Hey everyone, I need to reterminate my Equinox cable from balanced to S.E. What do you think the best phono plug is? I've auditioned the Cardas phono plug and the Neutrik NP3X-B. Does anyone know the stock one that comes on the Equinox?
  5. goorackerelite

    FS: HD650 10FT MoonAudio Black Dragon Cable

    I purchased this cable from a Head-fi'er gentleman named Penger. The only sign of use is the slightly faded gold coating on the 1/4 inch Furtech plug. Otherwise the pins fit very snugly into the headphones. It's in like new shape!!! Had it for a few days and find it's neutrality and detail...
  6. goorackerelite

    WTB: Cardas, or Equinox 10 footer HD650 cable

    Please PM me with offers and information. Thanks!!!
  7. goorackerelite

    Free headphone fidelity upgrade

    Listen to crappy laptop speakers for a day or so, then plaster your favorite headphones on your dome the next day. The contrast in going from the two extremes will make you love your headphones that much more!!!!! Works for me every time.
  8. goorackerelite

    High quality vinyl rips

    Does anyone know where I can look for high quality vinyl rips in the form of digital? I'm not opposed to digital, I just hate the compression that's so common today in mass produced digital sound. Thanks
  9. goorackerelite

    WTB : AKG K-701

    I've been really interested in this phone, someone please sell me a copy. Thanks
  10. goorackerelite

    WTB: Interconnects

    I have really really crapy interconnects!!! Please someone sell me some of their orphaned interconnects.
  11. goorackerelite

    Point to Point Wiring vs Printed Circuit boards

    I'm wondering what the SQ difference between these would be? I know the Little Dot series are all printed circuit boards, where as the Woos and the Darkvoice amps appear to be point to point wired. I am a guitar player and I do have a point to point tube amp that has a warmth and roundness...
  12. goorackerelite

    The OMG I can't belive I just sold my HD650 thread!!!!

    I sold my HD650s on an impulse and I'm now regretting it a little bit, but I did get a good price for it though. How many of you have impulsively sold your HD650s? and then later regretted it? Oh well I guess they'll drop in price after the HD700s come out..... Just kidding, Just kidding (bout...
  13. goorackerelite

    AKG 701 as Fatiguing as Senn HD600s?

    there was a quality in the HD600s that had my ears ringing after each session, but it's not present with the HD650s or the HD595s. I would like to try the K701, but I hear it can be bright, so for the people that have both of the above cans, can you tell me which one is more refined and less...
  14. goorackerelite

    It hurts just thinking about it!!!!

    I was on the bus to Montreal from Vermont and sitting next to me was a dude with cheap sony headphones on plugged into a apple IBook with the volume turned up all the way!!!!! I could hear his music err... distortion crystal clear sitting 10 feet away and while on a rumbling bus, as I passed by...
  15. goorackerelite

    reducing the bass on the Sennheiser HD650?

    I'd never thought that I'd say this but my HD650 has a little too much bass. I've heard that defoaming it will reduce the bass a little bit. I really like the mids and the high presentation and I don't want that to be effected. Is there a mod where I can reduce the bass and keep the mids and the...
  16. goorackerelite

    FS: Sennheiser HD600 Grilles and HD650 Cable

    Selling as a package $45 shipped and paypal'd to US/Canada includes 2x HD600 grilles, brand new 1x HD650 cable 1x HD650 1/4 - 1/8 adapter Thanks for looking This turns your HD580 into an HD600 soundwise, and the cable reduces the chance of the intermittent cut out problem of...
  17. goorackerelite

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT880 (03)

    Price = 160$ Paypal'd and shipped to US and Canada Includes headphones, soft foam zipper carrying case, extension cable, and mini to 1/4" screw on plug and warranty card. Just burned in with 150 hours of music and with under 2 hours head time. Basically brand new!!!! Not that much...
  18. goorackerelite

    Wanna turn your HD580/600s into HD650s?

    part number 092855 650 drivers = 68 dollars per element, baffle included!!! part number 050635 cushions = just for the new smell Lost the part number for the HD600 girlls and the HD650 cable so if you have them please pitch in. The great thing about the drivers it that the...
  19. goorackerelite

    hated E3C, will I like E4C?

    I'm looking for new IEMs, although I like the idea of IEMs and have no problems with their fit, I have to say that they E3C was my biggest disappointment in earphones. here is why 1. They lacked highs 2. The bass extension was weak 3. The mids were strident at times I'm looking for...
  20. goorackerelite

    FS: Sennheiser HD580/Modded

    Modded HD580 with new 600 grilles and 650 cable and adapter. You'll get the old grilles and the old cable, all functional. The ear cushions are pretty compressed and may need to be replaced. I'm giving up my first true hi-fi can. First one with 139 dollars gets this modded head phone shipped...
  21. goorackerelite

    WTT:Modded Senn HD580s+Beyerdynamic DT880s (2003) for Senn HD650

    I wish to trade too of my headphones for one of your phones. 1st phone = Sennheiser HD580 (darthsenn) w HD600 grilles/headband, and HD650 cables. about 600 hours on these, ear cushions are compressed ( however, due to the compatibility of the cushions) you can keep your cushions and I'll...
  22. goorackerelite

    flamming lips = poor drum production?

    Is just me or does the drums sound like crap on most flamming lips albums? distorted and harsh sounding comes to mind. But everything else is mixed so well........ and the band is brilliant.
  23. goorackerelite

    what causes listening fatigue?

    I know that by listening to phones that harsh harsh highs, or boomy lows and rough mids, or high volumes, or moderate ones at an extended time can lead to fatigue. But how does one recognize it? and what are other causes of this fatigue? Whats the long term/short term effect of this listening...
  24. goorackerelite

    FS:Meier Corda Aria/ USB DAC Included

    Asking $348 shipped Bought off of fellow headfier (Jjcapuro) about two weeks ago, It is in pristine mint condition. I'm so impressed with the sound that I pre-ordered a Corda Opera. This amp has a built in DAC that blows my sound card away! Please no CC paypal. Thank You First one...
  25. goorackerelite

    Finally found a use for my speakers!!

    Click on following link to see a day in the life of my speakers