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  1. faichiu

    The DIY Discman Repair Thread

    For D303, if you put the discman vertically and it plays fine, the motor needs to be replaced.
  2. faichiu

    Sony MDR-E888 replacement?

    I found this Sony MDR-225G earbuds from ebay for only $29.95. They are cheap and look cheap but have huge sound stage and great sound quality (Better than E888). These are earphones from 80s.  Unbelievable that they still available!
  3. faichiu

    Sony D-35 PCDP - pics and review

    I don't have D311 to compare.   But this thread is a great resource for Discman review.   Quote:
  4. faichiu

    Sony D-35 PCDP - pics and review

    Still love the sound of my D35, D303, D321.  Best sounding ever!
  5. faichiu

    Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

    Anyway to have something that can fit inside the battery compartment?  It would be much better for portable use.   Quote:
  6. faichiu

    HifiMan HM-801 SDHC Card List

    Brand--SanDisk Speed Class--4 Size-- 32GB Compatible-- Yes Firmware Version/Date--V0.19
  7. faichiu

    Premium 80s, AIWA.

    nice collection.
  8. faichiu

    DAP that leans towards a "warm" sound?

    Hifiman series
  9. faichiu

    Hifiman hm 801 sound quality!

    If you like warmer sound, get the hifiman.
  10. faichiu

    Sony PCDP ?

    Go to ebay and get a Vintage Sony players like D303,d350,D555,D321,D311 and you will be amazed by the sound quality of those old players.   I would say none of the recently made mp3 players can match them.  Even the very expense one.
  11. faichiu

    Quality Discman avaible Today?

    Nowaday, discman design for slim.  no more sound quality.   if you looking for sound quality discman, look for vintage discman produce before 1994.  etc.  Sony d321, d311, d303, d350, d555, d250...
  12. faichiu

    Best SQ for Portable Recorder

    as i know, sony pcm-d50 does have very best SQ.   lots of Headfi in China use it as a portable device.   but this thing is huge in size.
  13. faichiu

    The DIY Discman Repair Thread

    Thanks for the motor.  My D303 and D350 are skipping free now!   Quote:  
  14. faichiu

    Is Sansa Clip + really that good?!

    The clip is mediocre in sound quality.  Rockbox de-grade the sound even more to digitalized and robotic sound.    The headphone out has poor power output due to it's size.  You might be good with low impedance earphone.
  15. faichiu

    Sansa Fuze v Sony Nw-HD1 ( Sony has much better sound quality )

    Sansa series players were over-rated by people in this forum. 
  16. faichiu

    Overall Best SQ for Portable Player?

    Where did you get this info?  As I know, BBE is software based.   Quote:  
  17. faichiu


    First of all, try to turn off EQ and other useless sound setting and see if you still get distortion.
  18. faichiu

    Sony MZ-RH1 Vs Everything Today

    Unless you feel uncomfortable with ripping CD to RH1, you can keep using your RH1 for SQ.       Quote:  
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  20. faichiu

    Review by 'faichiu' on item 'Sony d 303 discman'

    i own around 4 of them before.  d303 has the best phone out.  I love its detailed and warmed sound signature.  I found the sound quality beat all the recently mp3 players as of 5/11/201.  It also has very good line out but d555's line out is better than d303.  the optical out is a plus if you...
  21. faichiu

    Review by 'faichiu' on item 'Sony D 555 Discman'

    People call this King of the Sony Discman.  Ebay used to have super high price on this item.   I own one before and the line out is super.  Phone out is not that powerful but very good for female vocal.
  22. faichiu

    The DIY Discman Repair Thread

    Yes, adjusting pots does not alway fix the skipping problem.     Totally agree that D303 has the best headphone output.  I bought a D555 and compare with D303.  I prefer D303's headphone out more.  But D555's lineout is unbeatable.     Quote:  
  23. faichiu

    Poll: Sansa DAPs & Your DAP Ranking

    i definitely agree Sansa DAP has a good value for its sound.  i just don't like people keep hyping.  Sansa player is not perfect. To me, It has poor output power on PO and mediocre on details.   i also agree that for the same amount of money, you can buy 5-10 sansa but what's the...
  24. faichiu

    Order by sound quality

    Wooo...........You should go get your doctor degree by proving someone has a hearing problem.   Quote: