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    WTB DT880 or K501 (shipped to Thailand)

    Interested in DT880 (03 or 05 version) AKG K501 Prefer from first owner In mint condition. But has to be shipped to Thailand. Thanks, NEO
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    WTB DT880 (France)

    WTB DT880 in mint condition, pls pm me. Prefer 03 vesrion with stright cord, or newer 05-06 version. Thanks, NEO
  3. NEO

    WTB DT880 (03) especially the one frpm BH Photo looking for both 03 and newer vesrion
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    The official "most OVERRATED headphones" thread

    What interests me is that there is almost no Beyerdynamic here
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    Upgrade my girlfriends headphones from ex51s?

    Why nobody mentioned ER6 anymore? Is Vibe much better than Ety? Or is the vibe is not fully IEM like Ety which make it more comfortable to live with? NEO
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    Upgrade from Sr60 to Sr225

    What you can do is to upgrade to SR225 while still keep SR60. If you completely prefer SR225 then you can sell SR60 later, or else you can sell SR225 (it's an easy selling one) and maybe move up to SR325i. Anyway from what I heard two Grados that has the best quality/price ratio are SR60 and SR225.
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    WTB DT880 (03) especially the one frpm BH Photo

    Anyone recently got this from BH Photo and decide not to keep it, pls PM me. I was going to order but they run out of stock first. Thanks, NEO
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    WTB Recent purchase DT880 (2003 model)

    another bump..still wtb
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    V-Moda Vibe review on

    I usually like to read callphones' reviews from here. But today I just found out that they also review some IEM
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    Federer vs. Roddick tonight!!!

    I remembered how exciting Men's tennis were in a day of Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Andre Agassi.
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    Beyerdynamic DT831-Previous Top of the Line Closed version (EU/US)

    This is the image (Not mine, just to represent how they looks like)
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    Beyerdynamic DT831-Previous Top of the Line Closed version (EU/US)

    Previous top of the line closed can from Beyerdynamic. Very high resolution and detail. Very good condition with box and manual. Minimum wear on the pads. Cord is still in great condition. Use in door only. I am now in France so shipping to any European country is convenient. But US is ok as...
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    Anyplace besides BHphoto that sell DT880 fro $150?

    Anyone know if there's any place that carries DT880 for around $150? I was about to get one from BHphoto but they were out of stock. Thanks, NEO
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    Thinking of buying my first good's and cons?

    You can buy a very good watch for $2-300 and that is more than enough. I think the time you should buy $80 wacth maybe when you graduate from college, or get your first job. Trust me, you are going to want to spend a lot nmore on notebooks, gadgets and gears when you are in college. $800 can get...
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    Where did all packages usually end up when they got lost during shipment?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JahJahBinks It ends up back on Ebay again? No, that's what I think too. I checked and didnt find the relist and the seller still answer my e-mail. It just a bad luck i guess. Still curious where these lost package went and ended up anyway...
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    Scariest movies around

    - The Ring - Pet Cemetary (I watched it when I was much younger)