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  1. Synthyss


    I'm looking to sell Sony NWZ-ZX2 DAP as I'm finding myself not using it, even when on the go (which isn't often) The Burn-In period is just ended. Device is in mint condition. Spotless, to be precise. Bought 3 months ago from Sony Store Istanbul. It has Sony Eurasia Warranty.  Original box...
  2. Synthyss

    Whiplash TWag V3 Modular Litz (2-Pin - 3.5 Viablue)

    Up for sale 1 month old - Whiplash twag v3 modular.    2-Pin and 3.5mm SE Viablue slim connector.   Picture:   $205 international shipping included price. - Paypal either gifted or add 3% 
  3. Synthyss

    IEM Upgrade for Fiio X5 + Fiio E12 AMP!

    I recently bought Fiio x5 and Fiio E12.. I need a pair of iems to go with them. After reading tons of reviews I found these: -ETYMOTIC ER4PT or ER4S (Dunno the difference smt with frequency I suppose) (290 USD) -Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 pro or classic (300 USD) -DUNU DN-1000 (200 USD) -UE...
  4. Synthyss

    FiiO X3 vs DX50 for Rock it R50 IEMs & FiiO E12 Amp. HELP!

    I have an E12 and Rock-it Sounds R50 IEM. I formerly used this equipments with iPod. However, ipod didn't really satisfied me at all. My fav genre is metal. But I do listen Rock, hardrock, blues and jazz aswell. Which DAP would you suggest me in this case? Dx50 or x3? The problems I encountered...