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  1. ROK3

    TV Review Site?

    I went to the local hifi store today and was just blown away by all the new technologies. Does anyone know of a good site to explain to me the differences between all the technologies? Thanks for your help --ROK
  2. ROK3

    iRiver iHP-140 and future formats?

    I was looking at the iRiver website last night after seeing the post about the sale and rebate on Amazon. One of the features that I found interesting was the upgradeable firmware. Could this be used to make the player play something like FLAC or APE files? Second question: Is the line out...
  3. ROK3

    Help with part selection?

    Hello again I'm having trouble finding a 4P3T Rotary switch (for crosfeed) on the Digikey and Mouser websites. I'm probably looking right at it but don't understand the terminology in the catalog... These are the 2 most promising candidates that I was able to find... 451-1030-ND...
  4. ROK3

    How to tailor META 42 for W1000 cans?

    Anyone have opinions on what opamp will best pair with the W1000's? Amp will be used at home only (wall power). Are their any other parts I should pay particular attention to? Thanks again for your help! --ROK3
  5. ROK3

    DIY amp for W1000?

    I just recently purchased the w1000's and am looking to start a DIY amp project. I've done some soldering before but it's been a while. The amp will be for home use only. I listen primarily to Jazz, Alternative, and Classic Rock. I really love to realax to trumpet and saxaphone... Thanks...
  6. ROK3

    Headphones for MP3?

    Hello Head-Fi members! I stumbled across your site a few days ago and have read many of the message threads about portable headphones. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me. I use a jukebox style mp3 player (RIO Riot) and was wondering if is worth it to spend a couple hundred...