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  1. taylor

    2009 Nascar Sprint Cup Series

    I didn't see a thread on this, so I decided to start one. Who else watches? Think Kenseth is going to pull out a threepeat? Neither do I. I'm thinking a win from Busch. Las Vegas is his hometown, and when the US Formula 1 team asked them to be their driver, he said that he'd consider...
  2. taylor

    Copying music from ipod to PC?

    Hello, My cousin used iTunes to download a bunch of music onto his iPod 4g 20GB. He recently purchased a 4GB Nano and asked me to transfer his itunes music onto the new nano. I plugged the old ipod in and tried to browse for the songs, but I couldn't find them. I installed iTunes and added...
  3. taylor

    Infinity Primus 360

    My speakers are old BIC Venturi Formula 2s. They are extremely efficent (One time, out of boredom, I powered them out of a headphone jack, and it worked.) and I like them very much, but I could use an extra pair of speakers for the bedroom and was thinking about springing for an upgrade for my...
  4. taylor

    An interesting headphone experience...

    Normally I don't make threads about mundane things, but I just noticed something interesting for the first time - I am currently wearing my AKG K340s. They are centered over my ears, and the Pet Shop Boys 1987 Three CD Set is playing. My dad came up behind me. I turned to face him [A second...
  5. taylor

    Having second thoughts about reciever purchase

    I just bought a new reciever, Pioneer VSX-515. It's a nice piece of equipment, but I feel like I bit off more than I can chew, so to speak. I thought that having 6 channels would give me flexibility in speaker placement, because I have a main pair of speakers along with another pair for my...
  6. taylor

    Help me troubleshoot my reciever!

    Alright, I have a Kenwood surround amp. It's big, it's heavy, and it's rated for 4 ohms. I have a pair of Mirage SM-1 speakers on the front and a pair of old JVC speakers on the rear, no sub or center. I'm driving it from the tape out on my other reciever, which I use for headphones. When I...
  7. taylor

    Better than Bose?

    One of my friends is under the mistaken impression that Bose makes the best speakers around. He wants evidence that there are better. Unfourtunately, I don't have any nice new speakers, just some older Mirage and Altec Lansing stuff, so I don't know the names of the speakers better than Bose...
  8. taylor

    Philly/South Jersey meet 2/5/05

    This meet went well. Pictures: Lou tests out the illegitimate child of Sennheiser and Grado, the HDSR-59060 This is what happens when you put HD-590 pads on the SR-60. Elliot and Diana compare CD3000 to Omega II. CD3K was connected to Sudgen amp Omega II was connected to KGSS Both...
  9. taylor

    Online TV guide?

    Hello, The day after xmas, I purchased a TV tuner with some giftcards. It all works, but I am running into the problem plauging TV: There's nothing good on. It's all mindless drivel. Does anyone know an online tv guide type thing where I can find out what's on? I have comcast cable, if it...
  10. taylor

    What size Hammond case to use?

    As xmas approaches, I look foreward to my week off. But what to do during it? Ah, make a PIMETA. Fun project, not too expensive, good thing to spend christmas break working on. I have no experience with hammond cases, since when I made my RA-1 over easter break I decided to be cheap and use a...
  11. taylor

    My first amplifier design

    I attempted to design a headphone amplifier. It uses an op-amp with class-a bias, with a MOSFET buffer. Capacitors: each channel uses 4 caps. C1 is the input cap C2 is the coupling cap C3 is the output cap C4 is the power supply cap (Revision - I accidently included two pairs of C4 on...
  12. taylor

    Where can I get an iPod?

    My friend asked me if I could find him a good deal on an iPod. He would prefer one of the Mini ones, does anyone know where I can find some that are in stock? If not, where can I find the best price on regular iPods? Thanks for the help.
  13. taylor

    Rip in pleather pad on V6

    Hi, I bought the V6s in februrary. Recently, i've noticed small rips in the pleather starting to form. They are right at the edges, where it is stretched over the earcups. There are several rips, the largest being about 1/4" long. What should I do to prevent these rips? Is there a chance...
  14. taylor

    Coaxial Digital Soundcard?

    Does anyone know of a soundcard that has good coaxial digital output? All I've seen are optical ones, and I was wondering if any coaxial ones exist. With the abundance of coaxial digital inputs on DACs (especially DIY ones) I would have expected coaxial ones to be far more prominent than they...
  15. taylor

    Paralleling opamps on CMoy?

    I am constructing a basic CMoy amp to use with my PCDP. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use an OPA4134 and have two paralel opamps per channel. Would it improve the sound much? Would it decrease the battery life at all? Also, for a power supply, I was wondering if I could wire...
  16. taylor

    I'm going to build a mint-tin amp, which one?

    Well, my parents are planning a trip to Arizona over easter. Which happens to be in two weeks. I'm going to be spending 8+ hours in a plane and a week away from home. Of course, i can't bring all my gear with me. Especially the most important part, the FET. It won't fit in the carry-on, and...
  17. taylor

    V6 burn in?

    I know burn-in is a hotly debated topic, but I would like to share some information. I got my V6s near the end of februrary. I listen to them ~6 hours a day, pretty much everyday, until last thursday. I usually listened around 1.5/10 on my Bradford. I did not listen at all on friday or...
  18. taylor

    need help choosing a source

    I'm wondering what to do about my source. Right now I use a PC and a cheap CDP, but i want to get a good source. So, I've got several options: Option 1: CDP Buy a nice CDP, thinking about the NAD 521i. The problem with that is I would have to burn tons of CDs, as currently I rip my dads...
  19. taylor

    Digital out from CDP?

    If you are using a seperate DAC, would it matter which CDP you use? My thinking is that by using the digital out, the CDP is functioning just as a CD transport and any $100 CDP will work just as good as a $1000 one, because the DAC is what makes the sound quality. Is this correct?
  20. taylor

    What does balanced mean?

    I see XLR interconnects labelled as balanced - I know it has something to do with there being two positive cables per channel, but why does it need two cables? is it any better than cables that aren't balanced?
  21. taylor

    DIY FM Antenna?

    I have a reciever that has two screw conenctors for a FM antenna. I don't get good FM reception, is there a inexpensive antenna I can make that iwll improve my signal? Directional antennas are fine, as I listen to radio stations that are all based in Philadelphia. The antenna would need ot...
  22. taylor

    Bradford IC FET

    I have a vintage reciever, the Bradford IC FET. Has anyone heard one of these? how does it compare to other vintage recievers such as Marantz and Pioneer?
  23. taylor

    Adjustable gain on CMoy?

    I was reading over the CMoy diagrams at tangents site. He talks about replacing R3 with a higher value to decrease gain. It seemed to go between 1kohm and 5kohm. Do you think it would be a good idea to replace R3 with a small 5k potentiometer, tune the gain, then mount it in the box? Or should I...