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  1. indigosax

    New Depeche mode Video. Grado, Ultrasone, Phonon   Ok... i was geeking out... thought it was pretty cool to see em rocking different cans. Still pretty damned suprised to see the singer Gahan, wearin open back grado's.... must have had them BLASTIN!  ...
  2. indigosax

    Samsung 4g Droid charge 4 trade

    I have a 1 yr old droid charge 4G LTE phone. Looking to trade for a set of good headphones or portable amp. Sorry if this is not right area to post, couldnt find where i should. =)    Has Extra Battery, extended battery, charger, 2 cables.
  3. indigosax

    Beyerdynamics 20% off

     Sorry if this is a repeat, just wanted to make a quick post that Beyer has a great sale.   from page:     MUSIC PLEASURE Take advantage of our current promotion and get 20% discount until November 28, 2011! Select from a wide range of products we have chosen for our Black Friday...
  4. indigosax

    my rig got stolen tonight

    just needed to vent to those who can understand. I live in the Denver area and had my home listening rig in storage for 20 days while i was moving into a new house.... 6611 leetsdale Public storage... as a matter of fact. Anyway, If you see geat like this around on the net for sale...
  5. indigosax

    JL Audio 500.1 for trade, I need new Can amp.

    Looking to trade my JL audio 500.1 amplifier for a good sounding headphone amp. I will be moving to a condo in denver, and wont be able to play my Triangle/pathos stereo at a good alas..... back to the cans. I will be driving SR225's and a pair of HD600's. Offers...
  6. indigosax

    haver not been here for a bit,how do i search?

    Help!!!! I can't find a way to search.
  7. indigosax

    Nomad Muvo vs. Ipod Mini

    Ok.... My spot is that i need a good 4-gb player that will be good for going to the gym. I also want the best sound possible. Fire away... let me know what your suggestions are.
  8. indigosax

    20gb MP3 Portable for $200 with Line In!

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??... ARE MY EYES TRICKING ME?!?!? Sanity Check This is just too good to be real. Does anyone have or know ANYTHING about this product? Clips of specs from site Capacity Holds about 4,800 songs...
  9. indigosax

    FYI: FS: grado RS-1

    Ebay Wish i had the grip..... someone buy em.. before i get too jealouse
  10. indigosax

    FT: SUN PC card ( Run win-tel apps on your sun box)

    SunPCI IIpro Co-proc 733MHz SunPCi IIpro Coprocessor PCI option card, Celeron 733MHz CPU, 128MByte onboard memory (SODIMM), 24-bit graphics onboard, external ethernet connector, USB connector, HD15 video connector, serial and parallel connectors on second Interested in trade'n for headphone...
  11. indigosax

    CD RESURFACE / Too many scratched disks in the pile

    Does anyone have a good solution for this? I have tried the skip doctor type ( hand held buffer) and was not impressed. Does anyone have a good way to get a disk surface close to normal. Most scratches on the disks are not very deep, and only cause a "tick".
  12. indigosax

    WTB: Sylvania / raytheon 5751 tubes

    Looking for some Sylvania GOLD 5751 tube/tubes or Raytheon Tripple Mica Black Plate tubes
  13. indigosax

    Name your fave rock bands. And list your gear

    Mogwai Sigur Ros Floyd Jeff Buckley Tunes only: Njoe Tjoeb 4k w/upsample Grado- 225, RS-1 Mapletree Ear+ McIntosh 2505 Triangle Celius AR cables Theater: Toshiba 3xxx Integra Dtr 7.2 KlipschRF 3 II AR cables
  14. indigosax

    Lotsa Hype on SACD?vs my Njoe Tjoeb 4k

    I have a Tjoeb 4k right now and I love it. Pluggin in my MAD Ear+ next week and I am excited to hear. Anyone think there is a better player in this price range (1000 or so) that plays SACD and is better than the Tjoeb?
  15. indigosax

    Mesa Boogie Tube Integrated Amp

    Anyone have experience with this Integrated? I love the Tripple Rectifier for my guitar, but have never had any experience with the stereo gear?!? Thoughts?
  16. indigosax

    Anyone out there in Kansas City??

    Would love to start a meet in this area... In the words of Pink Floyd " Is there any body out there?"
  17. indigosax

    HELP! Best Preamp under 1000 or close ??

    I am on the verge of creating a listening room for my new house. Can anyone give me suggestions on the best sounding Pre in the $1000 pricerange? I enjoy the color of tubes...but have heard some solids I like, I listen to all types of music ( but alot of eclectic rock)! One of the main...