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  1. edyeded

    The Cozoy Astrapi vs Calyx PaT

    Hi Guys,   need some advice. Looking for an AMP/DAC for my iphone 6 and JH16 pairing. I will be using spotify premium as music source at maximum music quality settings.   Which one would you guys go for and why?   Thanks   Ed
  2. edyeded

    Toxic Cables - Silver Poison - for JH, UE etc.

    Hi,   selling my Silver poison to experiment with other cables.   It is in perfect condition. There is no visible oxidation to my knowledge.   RRP £185 (because of the connector)   paypal fees are on you but shipping with UK is free. I am willing to ship abroad at added price.   Grab...
  3. edyeded

    RWAK100 (Astell & Kern AK100 with Redwine Audio mod) - LIMITED EDITION GOLD

    Selling a very lightly used and very well cared for RWAK100.   PRICE DROP FROM £455 TO £400.   Comes with all original content.   Info about product:   Shipping is included in the price (via special next day delivery) for the UK.   Paypal fees are...
  4. edyeded

    Ipad 4 16GB Black - Retina Display - Newest model - MINT!

    Comes with original box, charger and a smart cover.   Price includes Delivery but Paypal fees on you.   PM me if you want pics.   Thanks 
  5. edyeded

    IEM cable for (JH, Westone, UE)

    Selling a brand new IEM cable (stock from JH Audio).   I switched to Toxic Cables Silver Poison straight away so these are in perfect condition.   There is no oxidation.   Memory wire is in perfect condition.   Price includes shipping to UK and paypal fees.
  6. edyeded

    iBasso DX100 PRICE DROP FROM £375 TO £350

    Selling this pristine condition iBasso DX100.   Comes with original box and power cable.   There are no marks or scratches on any part of the player. The screen has a screen protector on it so the screen is also perfect.   The iBasso is one of the highest end DAPs (The best by far I have...
  7. edyeded

    Difference between pure silver, spc, hybrid & copper cables?

    IEMs: check...JH 16 Pro DAP: check...Fiio X3 Amp: - Cables: In progress.   Hey guys,   Just wanted to know what the differences of the above mentioned cables and how it changes sound quality and or sound.   Thanks
  8. edyeded

    Astell and Kern AK100 or Fiio X3

    Hi guys,   Need some help choosing between the Astell and Kern AK100 or Fiio X3.   Im going to have it paired with JH16 pros.   Thanks
  9. edyeded

    mp3 player with built in amp for JH11 pro

    Guys, I just ordered my JH11 pro today. I was going to play music from my iphone 5 with spotify, but I appreciate that I wont get the best out of my JH11 pros. Im looking for and mp3 player with built in amp for about £160 ($250) to start using flac files or at least 320 kbps. Any suggestions...
  10. edyeded

    best hip hop, R&B songs to demo for selecting CIEM's

    Hi guys,   Im going in for a demo on monday with universal IEM's from the follwoing brands:   1964 Ears: V3, Quad, V6 Unique Melody: Mage, Miracle JH Audio: JH7 Pro   (At the moment, pre-demo era, I'm kinda split between 1964 V6 and UM Miracle).   I listen to Hip and R&B...
  11. edyeded

    Shure SE215 L-plug wont stay in.

    The IEM's themselves are fine but for some reason, they just wont stay into my iphone 5. Its soooooooooo frustrating !! It always comes out, unless i have the iphone directly in my hand to avoid any movements.   Is this a normal occurence? Its seriously bothering me, especially when im at...
  12. edyeded

    Am I taking too big a step moving to 1964 custom IEM's?

    Hi guys,   I've recently decided to upgrade to 1964 ears IEM's (either v3 or Quads). Initially my journey started with a pair of soundmagic E30's. About one year later I upgraded to Shure SE215's. The Shures were twice the price of the E30's and although there is a difference in sound and...