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  1. luukas

    Black Cube Linear, or not? A newbie at a loss

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patu Yes I did. And the other one is sold also. There's a used one for sale at Hifimesta if you're interested. And yes, we should arrange a meeting again. Last meeting was very nice. I can't remember if you attended though. Curiously, I have...
  2. luukas

    Black Cube Linear, or not? A newbie at a loss

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patu I got it used for a good price. I just have to ask... did you buy it from M..... .fi? They had two for sale, now down to one. We should arrange a Finnish gathering in the near(?) future.
  3. luukas

    What's your favorite Live Album?

    Major bump for this thread, but I have to express the greatness of Blind Guardian's Live (2003) album. Simply marvelous. I didn't even enjoy power metal at all before! I don't usually go about recommending stuff, but if I did... this would be it.
  4. luukas

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patu Very nice luukas. I don't remember you having Genelecs when we had the meet at your place. I'd very much like to hear those. I've been considering some monitor speakers myself too and Genelec would be on top of my list (naturally, Finnish company which...
  5. luukas

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Sorry... I laughed when I saw those sunglasses. They're crazy - in a good way! I think. Now that there's actually something on my desk, I'll post a pic.
  6. luukas

    WTB: Sound Blaster Digital I/O module.

    Why not buy one directly from Creative? edit: Duh, nevermind... they're out of stock.
  7. luukas

    Reducing the gain of an Encore?

    I've been using a pair of inline attenuators thus far, but would like to modify the amp so that it'd work better with efficient headphones. The current gain values are 3/11, and I suspect something like 1/6 would be just fine. Not that there's any need to alter the higher gain value - I never...
  8. luukas

    Which is better sr325i or hd650. I like a lot of bass.

    Just toss the bowl pads away... that'll sort out any excess brightness.
  9. luukas


    Purchased a pair of SR-325i's from Yikes. No surprises here, he shipped them out just about instantly, and kept in touch frequently. Recommended!
  10. luukas

    Grado weight - plastic vs. metal

    Well, a lot more replies than I would've expected. Cheers folks, especially Gross and lossless. I believe I'll just go ahead and buy a pair... severe upgraditis ahoy!
  11. luukas

    Grado weight - plastic vs. metal

    Simple question: has anyone measured how much the SR-series 'phones weigh as opposed to the ms-2i/325i? I really want to upgrade from the SR125s (lack of deep bass being the primary issue), but can't justify the purchase of the higher end RS-2/1. And while I could buy a pair of 225s, I feel they...
  12. luukas

    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    I deem the meet to be... a success. Thanks to everyone who dropped by. Hopefully the rest will be able to attend any possible future meetings.
  13. luukas

    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Ah, well, let's say 12:00 at the earliest then. The actual duration of the meet will propably be... random. But as long as I can go to the sauna at 20:00, it's all good. Oh and plainsong, I checked the C542's manual, which claims the outputs are - in fact - your average S/PDIF ones. Perhaps...
  14. luukas

    Foobar 0.9 out!

    And it's about time, too. Not that we can demand anything. Now to wait for components... ASIO would be nice.
  15. luukas


    Sold smeerkaas my Porta Corda II. Really friendly buyer, quick to respond and paid as soon as I provided all the necessary details (oops!). Heartily recommended.
  16. luukas

    Anyone managed to fit a voltage divider inside an RCA plug?

    I will propably use a small case when I know which resistors values are suitable, and I have the SPC I need to build the IC. For now I'll do some testing with true ghetto attenuators. I did say I'd post pics but ehh... I covered them with clear plastic tubing and scotch tape, so I don't think...
  17. luukas

    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Time for a bump. Is the 25th okay with everyone? I'd also like to know if someone is allergic to cats - if that's the case, I can have someone else take care of them during the meet.
  18. luukas

    Head-fi Meet: The Finnish edition

    Yarr, post in the new thread. It's all there.
  19. luukas

    HF-1 update

    Now, this is good timing. After getting a pair of HD414 pads, I've been enjoying my SR125s moreso than the HD595s, yet I want to upgrade. This could be just what the doctor ordered. With my luck though I will be a few minutes late with my order.
  20. luukas


    Lighting fast communication, as well as shipping. Definately recommended!
  21. luukas

    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Yay, now we're getting somewhere. I take it no one has heard from Halcyon/KJ in a while...?
  22. luukas

    New soundcard from Razer
  23. luukas

    what is wrong with my 0404?

    Quote: Originally Posted by zool Maybe another sound card or some thing? Do you have a on-board sound card? If so try turning that off in your mobo BIOS. Be careful about this though. On my mobo (gigabyte 7N400S-L), disabling the onboard sound while either the 0404 or A2ZS were...
  24. luukas

    New forumite! And looking for headphones for metalhead. HD595 perhaps?

    Maza, why not attend our meeting, and try various headphones out? See the linky in my sig.
  25. luukas

    FS: Porta Corda II (EU preferred)

    Bump in the morning with a slight price reduction, 90€ shipped.