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  1. razer

    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    I vividly remembered back then in the summer of 2005, I fell in love with this Headphone affair. Excited and monetarily depreived, I had to say it was the most exciting stage of getting into this hobby. However oxymoronic it may sound; but trying to save up by all means and finally being able to...
  2. razer

    Paypal Legal Issues

    Hmmm, lets I'am in country A and MR X is in country B. I saw an ad on product Q by MR X and decided to buy it. So I payed MR X the money through paypal and waited for a long time yet I don't see what I get. Would it be possible to take legal actions against say MR X even if we're living in...
  3. razer

    Semi-Portable Amps For Various Cans...

    I was thinking of getting a semi portable amp, preferably something cheaper like the Hornet for some of my cans(see sig) and was thinking if this amp would provide the synergy with all if not most of the cans. Read the reviews but they didn't really specify its synergy with cans like the L3000...
  4. razer

    Suggestions for an ADSL gateway?

    Hi, I'am currently using the Linksys WAG354G and its been working fine when I'am wired to it. However, using its wireless can be a pain in the arse...Its really weak and unstable and I'am having frequent disconnections when my room is just 4metres away from it with two doors separating us. The...
  5. razer

    Why all that sudden craze bout AD2000?

    I don't get it...Is this another part of headfi that I've yet to notice? A random headphone gets much attention every few months....
  6. razer

    Gaming cans or normal cans?

    Hmmm, I've decided to invest in a pair of cans solely for gaming (don't ask me why, I don't know...) and would prefer ones with a microphone. I've seen the Steel mousepad company headphone...(dunno what u call that...) and some other brands like the fatality ones by creative...Any good...
  7. razer

    Crazy frog lookalike, taiwanese variety show...

    Found this...hahaha. Its on a taiwanese variety show guess guess guess...
  8. razer

    1st step to a computer setup

    Hey guys, I've decided to get a computer setup. First of all, is getting a soundcard and then going into a DAC (like the benchmark DAC-1) then to headphone amp and to my headphone enough for a setup that's more than decent enough? With songs ripped using EAC and played back through foobar2000...
  9. razer


    Looking for a new CDP that's good. I won't be looking at the used forums. My budget's around $1300. Any suggestions? Or any websites I could try? The Music Hall Maverick is by far the one that caught my eye. The A3CD is also pretty attractive...
  10. razer

    Benchmark DAC-1 or CDP?

    So here's the problem I face now...I'am currently ampless and sourceless. (don't ask why, its a sad story) So here I'am, stuck with a sucky samsung DVD player thats been around for around 3 years. I was wondering if the Music Hall Maverick CDP would be a good buy or should I simply stick with my...
  11. razer

    AKG K1000, baby sophia...what else??

    I wanted to get this combo off ttvj but I've come to realise that I wouldn't benefit from this setup since the amp would be solely for use with the K1000's after that. Is there any amps that can drive a wide range of headphones including the akg k1000 as I'am currently ampless now?
  12. razer

    PS-1 : where to get?

    I've suddenly felt this urge to get my hands on these babies...Any idea where else can I get them for a decent price in mint condition other than the F/S forum?
  13. razer

    Alternatives to iPod video 60 GB

    Are there any alternatives to the iPod video 60gb? Price isn't really a factor but capacity is. I would like a player with more capacity as well as support for many different music file formats.
  14. razer

    Are you SHURE???

    This question has been bugging me since I joined headfi. Is Shure pronounced as "Schuer" or "Shoe-Re" or "Sure"
  15. razer

    What's your take on this?

    What if someone who has worked in the recording industry, who helped set up live concerts before, was once a monitor engineer and a FOH engineer commented that Sennheirsers and AKGs were the only headphones worth to get while others aren't worth a ***. Guys, whats your take on this?
  16. razer

    W5000 taiwan owners...

    Is it true that they give free AT wines when u purchase the W5000 ?
  17. razer

    Paypal hoax?

    I received this mail from Paypal into my hotmail Inbox and it said that i've added a new email to my account. I thought of it and said, hey, when did i ever do that? On the bottom of the mail was a link stating that if i hadn't verified it, pls click on the link to report to paypal. I clicked on...
  18. razer

    ATH-AD**** users unite!

    Just like the ATH-W thread, lets posts stuffs relating to AD****s!
  19. razer

    Audio-Technica AT-HA20 Headphone Amp

    I was surfing and wandering around and came across this amp. Was wondering if its decent enough to power my AD2000. Does anyone have other better suggestions? I dont know how it performs but it sure looks good...
  20. razer

    Smooth jazz with some fusion of urban beats

    Well, this is hard to describe. I was at a Posh and stylish hair saloon today, and heard them playing some tracks of smooth and simple Jazz that's been remixed and it sounds so good. Kinda like a fashion show soundtrack only that its without vocals and sounds kinda like those music where you...
  21. razer

    Good Condition Earmax for Sale!!!

    Starting price of $300 ! Selling it because I would really really like to upgrade! Shipping is around $15 to $25 dollars depending on location since I am shipping worldwide. If you are really interested, do PM me and we can further negotiate the price. I accept paypal and money order. Conditon...
  22. razer


    Care to enlighten me whats redbook? I've done a search but it seems that eveyone knows what the hell it is and kept sticking to redbook rather than explaining what it is. Why RED and why BOOK ??? I mean, what kind of function is it?
  23. razer

    Stax Systems

    Recently, I've been contemplating.....Contemplating on whether should I just save on to get the Omega 2 system which costs like $4500 USD or the 4040 System which is alot more wallet friendly at a price of $1750 USD....I live in a country where the price for stax is sky high....Of course, I get...
  24. razer


    Please pm, email, if you've got either one / both of the cables!
  25. razer

    Pocket Dock

    Around 16 to 17 days ago, my friend ordered a pocket dock from sendstation, a day prior to mine. His was the FIREWIRE version while mine was the USB version. His arrived within a week. Ok, to be exact, I got the order confirmation of my Pocket Dock on 16th of june. Its already July now, and my...