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  1. Ramtha604

    FS: iBasso DX100, 10/10 mint, incl. all original accessoires (located in EU)

    Update: Everything is still actual, except that I sold the hibino silicon case to someone, so, obviously, it's not included in the deal anymore.  Hello, I've got a mint (used for 4 days, but still flawless) iBasso DX100 for sale. All original accessoires are included (charger...
  2. Ramtha604


    surfboardz bought a pair of Grado HP-2s from me. Everything went really smooth and he was a pleasure to talk with.
  3. Ramtha604

    FT/FS: grado HP-2 + melos SHA-1 :: your junk for my hp2 + melos :)

    i've got a pair of grado hp-2 and a melos sha-1 (american version changed to run on european powergrid) lying around here that I don't really need anymore, since I have great speakers for listening purposes now and I have to mobilize some cash right now so it's time to part with them for me...
  4. Ramtha604

    FS: big parts of my MAIN RIG - need some moose quickly :D

    FS: - melos SHA-1 for €400 (unmodified, european +/-220 volt version, optionally up to 3 pairs of high quality 7308 tubes for the melos for another ~€115 each) - grado hp-2 for €700 (sonically perfect, red lettering is off now, because it annoyed me everytime I saw it ) - or both together for...
  5. Ramtha604

    headphones and 10 hz tones

    A few days ago I was experimenting with my Beyerdynamic DT 250/250. While listening to a few THX woofer tests on them I seemed to notice them going really low and felt very much like trying the 10 hz test tone on them. Until then I never was brave enough to go below 30 hz but this time I thought...
  6. Ramtha604

    Sennheiser PX-100 vs PX-200 Quickie

    Quote: Originally posted by lini (in another thread) ramtha: I can't get proper bass out of my PX200 - even when I play around with placement. Do you have better experiences with the PX100? Ok, I just went over to my bro's room and lent the PX200 from him for a quick comparison. I...
  7. Ramtha604

    What are you listening to _right now_?

    "Neuromotor - **** the DAT Mafia Trance XPress" Nice pounding psychedelic trance... definite dance floor material.
  8. Ramtha604

    How about a European Head-Fi meeting,

    maybe in Austria or South of Germany? Who'd be interested?
  9. Ramtha604

    looking for cheap, small, efficient, speakers

    Hey there! I'm looking for a pair of cheap, small, efficient, good sounding and reasonably loud going (either powered from a porta corda or mid-class (~$500) hp amp) speakers that I can take with me in my (midsized) backpack. Weight doesn't matter as much. Thanks for any input, Roland
  10. Ramtha604

    WTB: (one out of a pool of several each) Source, Amp and HPs (about $800-1200 total)

    Hello there! I'm looking for fair offers consisting of any number or combination of the following: 1) Source: A good (don't care if modded or not) CDP (dvd, sacd, (maybe) dvd-a, cd-rw and good redbook playback) between $ 300 and 500, with desirably coaxial and maybe optical out (hope...
  11. Ramtha604

    please compare -> CD3k vs W1000 vs A1000 vs Grado SR-325 vs A.-Grado MS-2

    Well, these are the 5 cans I'm currently having an eye on as candidates for my next HP Upgrade. Of course my oldish CDP and Porta Corda won't do them any justice, but before buying new cans or a new amp I'll be getting a better source anyway, which I'm already looking for. So what do these...
  12. Ramtha604

    What to upgrade to from a JVC XL-E34 CD PLAYER?

    Hey there folks, I'm currently using a JVC XL-E34 CD PLAYER fed through a Porta CORDA (on a 26 volts supply) to a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 250-250, and I'm planning to upgrade my source. My first question is if anyone knows the JVC XL-E34 and/or how good it is (comparable to cdps of what...
  13. Ramtha604

    Review: DT 250-250, Ex-70LP and Porta CORDA at home and in portable application

    Lets start with some history: I found Head-Fi about 1 year ago during internet research, when my old cheapo-Sonys broke and I decided I needed a new, decent pair of headphones for my computer. I kept lurking for about a month, then after posting a thread, asking for advice, I settled on the...
  14. Ramtha604

    Rattling in the right cup with DT 250-250

    Hey there! Last week i received my Beyerdynamics DT 250-250 and the Porta Corda and I'm quite happy with them. Thanks to you, folks for helping me that much in making the right decision. The sound is what I expected and more. Powerful, yet accurate, very detailed but not too upfront and...
  15. Ramtha604

    akg 401? hd-580/590??

    Hey there! I'm looking for headphones for home use (using my sony earbuds with my md recorder) and a portable amp that will drive them (both) well. My total budget is around $300, $350 being pretty much the absolute maximum for now. I'm using a Sony MZ-R70 MD Recorder for outside and a...