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  1. xzifi

    Best headphones under 100$

    Hello, I have a Superlux HD668B headphone but it stopped working properly aprox. an hour ago. Was fine and suddenly when I tried to use it again after 30 mins, it sounded horrible. I'm sure its the headphone since i connected it to my phone and sounds exactly the same. So I am looking for a new...
  2. xzifi

    Neutral headphones under 50$

    I'm looking for a neutral headphone under 50$. I know there aren't alot of options at that price, but that's what I got. I mostly listen to electronic music, and while I know a bass oriented headphone might fit my preferences more, I don't like headphones that emphatize bass as the mids sound...
  3. xzifi

    Which headphone to get

    I'm planning on buying a new headphone in the <50$ price range but I'm not sure which one would be the best for me. I mostly listen to electronic/dubstep/house/electro type of music, however, I don't want "basshead" headphones as I have heard they exagerate the bass and "overshadow" the other...
  4. xzifi

    Need help deciding

    Hello, I'm new in this forum and I hope you can help me out.   I'm planning to buy some headphones in the <50$ range but I don't know which headphone to choose. I'm gonna use them in my desktop pc at home, nothing else.   I have read great reviews of the following ones:   Sony...