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  1. tomek

    Hifiman HE400 -- Where's the bass??

    So getting back into this hobby after quite a break, I've just purchased a pair of HE400 to upgrade from the old pair of Grado SR80 that I own.  I was hoping for much more low end from everything I read, but I plugged them into my laptop and they sound flat and thing.  Lots of detail on the high...
  2. tomek

    Getting ear pain and infections a lot -- recommend headphones for sleeping

    Hi all,   So over the last few years, with the advent of podcasts, sleeping with my headphones in has become something I do every night.   Recently though, I'm getting more and more pain in my ear canal from sleeping with in-ear monitors. I'm not sure if it's small infections, or just...
  3. tomek

    WTB Decent IEMs in Australia

    Hey, I'm currently traveling SE Asia, and will be in Australia from late December to early January. I lost my Westone UM1s last week and am looking for a decent pair of IEMs to replace them. If anyone has something for sale, please PM me... Tomek
  4. tomek


    Purchased a pair of Westone UM1s in person from him in Toronto. The headphones were just as advertised, and all boxes, accessories were included. His emails were prompt, forthright and pleasant. Based on this transaction, I would recommend this seller.
  5. tomek

    Quality of Shure Products?

    Hey guys, A couple years back I bought a pair of Shure E4 ear canal headphones. Although a little thin on bass, I was happy with them while they worked. Last year the left channel began intermittently cutting in and out. Fiddling with the cable helps to restore the sound, but it's a constant...
  6. tomek

    IC: Faulty Shure E4 headphones

    Hello, I've posted before on the DIY forum, that I have a pair of Shure E4s that intermittently have problems with the left channel. This is a cable/plug issue. Rather than have them repaired, I'd be happy to just sell them. I don't use them very often anyways. If anyone who has basic...
  7. tomek

    Need the help of a UK DIY'er

    Hello, I'm currently trapped in Mansfield, UK, and my Shure headphones are in need of repair. I think it's a simple job, from what I can tell there is a loose connection in the miniplug because the sound from the left channel sporadically cuts out and fiddling with the cable at the point the...
  8. tomek

    repair my headphones???

    i've got a pair of Shure in ear headphones that are in need of repair. Sound is only coming out of the right channel and I assume the problem is in the connector plug because fiddling around with it there can get the sound back occasionally. i lack the skills to change the plug and am...
  9. tomek

    Annoying pops and crackles

    Hey guys, when I listen to music on my HP laptop with Conexant HD Audio, it often sounds like a bowl of rice krispies. does anyone else have this problem? I've tried different media players, but it seems that the problem is with Vista or the soundcard, because I get it regardless of the...
  10. tomek

    ultimate isolation?

    So, living in Poland now and taking lots of buses and trains i decided to get a pair of IEMs, the Shure E4's. While I'm impressed with the sound, especially the size of the soundstage, I'm disappointed by how much isolation they offer. Was it unrealistic of me to expect that when I put...
  11. tomek

    WTB Ety E6

    Hi there, I've been living in Poland for a while now and the buses here are unbelievably old and rickety. I'm tired of listening to my mp3 player on full volume and don't want to further damage my hearing. I'm coming home to toronto to visit until early October and want to bring some etys...
  12. tomek

    Which players can be used on multiple computers?

    I just bought an Olympus M:robe 100 because I'm going overseas and need to take my music with me, but I discovered in the manual that it is only possible to use the player with one computer. If when I'm overseas and I want to add a song or album to the player on another computer with the...
  13. tomek

    Best software to backup my DVD movies?

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a DVD burner and I'm wondering what software out there will allow me to copy my movies. Other features I'm interested in are having the option of keeping menus and bonus features of the movie intact, and being able to remove the region encoding. Can anyone...
  14. tomek

    Low Noise XLR to RCA 1.5m (starquad)

    I used these with my Behringer DEQ but now that i've got rid of it i no longer need them. 15USD shipped. Paid 30 for them! Niche market, but if you need them, here they are...
  15. tomek

    what is a digital coax cable?

    hello, how are the digital coax cables different than a regular RCA? i may have to use one with my dvd player and i'm wondering what the difference is.
  16. tomek

    IC: Behringer DEQ2496, RCA to XLRs, Volex power cord

    I think my new amp has cleared up most of my concerns, but I'm also wanting to slowly move out of thinking about gear and focusing on music. This is an amazing set of gear though, no doubt. 280USD. I'm located in Toronto and would prefer a local pickup or within Canada. This device is...
  17. tomek

    passive preamps, can they work well?

    hi gang, i'll be needing a preamp for a new power amp that i'm buying for my speaker rig and i'm not sure what do do about a preamp. i've heard both good and bad things about passive preamps. some say it's the purest way to get the signal through, while others say the impedance matching...
  18. tomek

    Behringer settings for some popular phones

    hey guys, i'm having a meet at my place tomorrow and i got my Behringer DEQ2496 this past week. However, i don't have headphones myself anymore but i'd like to show the machine off. does anyone have any settings for the equalizer that they've been using successfully with their headphones? for...
  19. tomek

    how does the philips 963a do with video?

    hi guys, i'm perhaps interested in a philips 963a player but i'm wonder what its video performance is like. i used to think that dvd players were all the same, but i have an older Samsung DVD player that I've been using with my LCD projector. I borrowed my dad's newer panasonic with prog scan...
  20. tomek

    Rethinking my beliefs

    well, some of you might know me as one of the more skeptical users on this forum. i've lately begun to read the literature out there on ABX testing and 'audio myths'. i've carefully tested different cables and have heard no difference. recently i tested my $2500 tube amp vs. my entry level...
  21. tomek

    Heavily Modded ASL 1003DT Integrated Amp

    Hello, I'm getting out of this mad hobby and am selling my modded ASL 1003DT Integrated Amp. The mods were done by Michael Thompson of Fab Audio in Toronto. His work can be attested to by several users on this site, msjjr, notoriousbig_pj and elnero. Several users heard the amp on my...
  22. tomek

    biking equivalent of headfi?

    hello guys, i've got a friend that's into biking like i'm into stereos and he always makes fun of me for going on headfi. i'm wondering if anyone knows about any biking (road bikes specfically) forums that would be like headfi. i'm looking for a site that is equivalent to this in the...
  23. tomek

    Good mexican food in Toronto?

    This is a long shot, but I just got back from a road trip down to Vegas and through New Mexico and back and the farther I went south, the cheaper and better the mexican food got. I know in the states it's easy to find good Mexican, corn tortillas, refried beans and such, but in Toronto all I...
  24. tomek

    Understanding and battling upgradeitis

    Well, I'm sure we're all familiar with upgradeitis as I imagine most of you are like me in that you came to this forum to learn about some 70 dollar headphones you were thinking of buying and you're probably got thousands of dollars of gear now. I just heard Dr. Barry Schwartz this weekend on...
  25. tomek

    FS: Stax SRE-725 2.5m extension cord

    Hey gang, I sold my Stax headphones a while ago and didn't remember that I also owned this. I used it a whole 1 hour maybe, then put it away in its box since I moved my headphones into another room shortly after receiving these. It...