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  1. Natsuiro

    WTB: Behringer DEQ2496

    Please PM with Price. Thanks.
  2. Natsuiro

    WTB: Beyer 770/80

    Looking to pay via paypal /w shipping to Canada thanks!
  3. Natsuiro

    iPod only choice?

    I haven't really been reading around the portable forums much so I wanted to ask a simple question. Is the iPod the only producion DAP that will give me a true line out portably (via pd or sik din) and lossless support (not WAV)? I don't care at all about headphone out capabilities.
  4. Natsuiro

    IC: Almost new hd-650s

    Hi. They were used maybe around 20 hours and in perfect condition, but the box got some scratches while transporting to the Seattle meet
  5. Natsuiro

    m-audio transit for games?

    Hi I was thinking that the m-audio transit would be best for my laptop to benchmark/apogee mini dac. But how would it do for FPS games? Is Audigy really the best choice for strict gaming?
  6. Natsuiro

    FS: Unique Maxed PPA

    Hi. I'm looking to sell my PPA built by trevornetwork. Well I guess every PPA is unique, but this one has been extensively tweaked by Trevor and has components that have been matched very closely. Alot of time and care was put into this amp. It is in a black hammond enclosure with panels...
  7. Natsuiro

    WTB: Smart wrap, 12ft of Canare Starquad

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any extra smart wraps to sell from the group buys in the past. I only need one. Also I wanted to purchase around 12ft of starquad for a headphone extension cable. And maybe techflex with it if you have any
  8. Natsuiro

    Do you ever recommend headphones you've never listen to?

    I was just wondering what percentage of people are willing to recommend something they have never heard before and if people have any issues with this.
  9. Natsuiro

    Want Sweet and smooth sounding cans.

    I just heard the W11r's and I was very impressed by them. They seemed like a perfect contrast to my er4s. I really loved the sound. Are there any other cans that can deliver this type of sound? Does anyone know how the A100s or W100s compare to the W11r's? thx alot.
  10. Natsuiro

    Headfi vs Phamducduc thread

    Hi. I lost my pimeta in the Phamducduc scheme. I'd like to contact local authorties where he lives, but first I'd like more information. If possible, could those who were involved please PM me with contact info which I could forward to police. Also I'd like any suggestions towards dealing...
  11. Natsuiro

    WTB: Inline 1/4" cable jack and Stereo 1/4" plug

    Hi. I am in need of a headphone extension cable, and I decided to make one. I was wondering if anyone has any of these they could sell me. thx.
  12. Natsuiro

    RA-1/clone + er4-s

    Has anyone tried the RA-1 or a clone with the er4/s? I am currently using a MisterX built pimeta with AD8620 op amp, and was thinking about something with a different flavour. Does the RA-1 have more bass and sound quite warm? The RA-1 is made to drive lower impedence headphones, so would the...
  13. Natsuiro

    Er4P or S?

    I know this have been discussed before, but my decision depends on a very specific factor. Some of you have advised getting the Er4P and the Xin SuperDual amp with p->s switch. This sounds like a great idea for me since I only want to use the amp when I study at a library or when I'm at home...
  14. Natsuiro

    WTB: Canare F-12 plugs

    Need atleast two of them shipped to Canada please. Must take paypal thx.
  15. Natsuiro

    er-6 Questions.

    I used the search function and found that various members thought that the er-6 lacked bass. I was wondering if anyone could describe the sound of the er-6s to some of the headphones I've experienced. I've tried the Sony Canal phones. I forgot the name already but they are right next to me...
  16. Natsuiro

    Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro

    Hi. My dad was in some kinda band with his friends, and one of his friends seems to have left this thing at my house and it's been here like a year or so. Since no one is using it, I figure I could put it to use if it is infact useful. I don't really know what the hell it does other than...
  17. Natsuiro

    Does a900 need an amp?

    I was wondering if a900s would benefit significantly with the introduction of an amp since they seem to have low impedence. I would assume so, but which amp would be ideal for driving them at a cost of $100 or so but at $200 max? Maybe something with the best bang for buck?
  18. Natsuiro

    Portable amp on rechargables.

    Hi. I was wondering if it was practical to run a home head amp on rechargable batteries since it seems that the cheapest amps tend to be portables. For say the go-vibe or jmt portable pimeta, how long would those last on 9v batteries. Are the plainview batteries that are sold on headsave...