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  1. ying

    Accidently reversed polarity for xlr cable

    Me and buddy did a DIY XLR cable,    I accidentally reversed the polarity of the xlr cable, meaning in one of the cable one of the connecters (hot was connect to pin 3 and neutral was connect to pin 2. The ground was connected to pin 1 correctly. I already plugged it in last night to try it...
  2. ying

    Shure 215, Lune Series replacement cable

    Does anyone know if upgrading the cable for the shure 215 is a good idea, I found that Null Audio has the Lune series cable upgrade for all the shure iem. Any idea if they would sounds better than the 315...
  3. ying

    Bottlehead Crack amp + Fiio E9

    Hi guys   Every since the Shure 1440 came out I was instantly sucked into buying it. N i have just purchased it. I was looking into some tube amp, n came across Bottlehead Crack amp. It fit my budget perfectly. Currently i have a Dac/amp setup, a Fiio e9 n e7. I was wondering does anyone...
  4. ying

    Shure 750dj +e7 amp or e7+e9 combo?

    Hi    I am new to this forum, I just got my shure 750dj a day ago, and i knew already that i would need an amp to power the big 50mm drivers they have on the 750dj. I was planning just to get the fiio e7 dac/amp to power the 750dj on my computer and phone. But from what i heard from some...