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  1. PaulExcellent

    Beyerdynamic EDT 250 Pads?

    While waiting for my JVC HA-S500s, I have decided to change my Sol Republic - Tracks HD to make them better, as they have a sentimental value to me. My plan was to implement new ear cushions to get them the comfort of a  full-size headphone, and the size of a portable headphone.  ...
  2. PaulExcellent

    Sol Republic Tracks HD and Beyerdynamic EDT 250 pads?

    I have a pair of Tracks HD that were given to me by my girlfriend, and I truly love the sound I get out of these, but they are rather... uncomfortable. As in, my ears are in pain after extended use. It really sucks.   Now, I won't get rid of them, since they hold some sentimental value...