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  1. Oddball

    Quick T-amp PSU Question

    I just bought the RS 13.8 volt 3-amp PSU for my T-amp and I've noticed that it's not a regulated power supply, but a switching power supply. I've read on various threads that regulated is better, but what are the pragmatic differences between a switching and regulated supply? Is it worth it for...
  2. Oddball

    Rio Carbon Impressions (mini epic)

    introduction When I first got my iPod a few years ago, I was absolutely ecstatic. I had anticipated getting an mp3 player since the Rio players came out and when 256 MB of memory was a big deal. I had seen the larger Creative players, but I was wary of the 6 hour battery life. When the iPod...
  3. Oddball

    Dude...when did this happen? (Cnet reviews Grados)

    SR60 SR80 SR125 Interesting...their review of these and the Shure e3c changed my point of view that they only reviewed really bad headphones. If this was already posted...sorry. Note that the V700DJ is rated as better than the SR60 and SR80. It's also rated equal to the SR125.
  4. Oddball

    RIAA and FBI fight piracy

    You're going to be seeing this picture on CDs in America soon. Article here. They say 23 billion dollars have been lost to intellectual piracy theft. I guess that not all of the piracy comes from the US. Now the FBI's involved...any thoughts? I don't know what difference a picture will...
  5. Oddball

    Head-Fi Mint Tins Right...everyone on this board has heard of the Altoids mint CMOY amp and many use the tins to store their earcanalphones. This place makes customized mint tins--slap your own logo on a tin. I know it's unrealistic to talk about a custom head-fi mint...