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  1. brendon

    Portable amp for around $400 for JVC Fx 700!!

    Hi, I use an Ibasso P3+. Ibasso has a newer P4 which is much more powerful. Its availabe for $250 + shipping. They ship via UPS.   The P3+ is a very nice amp and I preferred the upgraded version (different OPAMPs) to a Pico Slim I tried. However a Pico Slim was substantially smaller.
  2. brendon

    Good amp for Miles Davis Trumpet IEM's?

    From someone who uses a Portable amp almost daily I would think this really doesn't need an amp but if you really want that last 10% increase in SQ its worth trying a good quality portable amp like the Ibasso P4 or a nice RSA amp.   The E7 is not a great amp and frankly I doubt it will...
  3. brendon

    How much are your "perfect" headphones?

    For me its got to be a dbel84 modded YH-100. Beautiful treble and midrange and really fast footed bass. That I managed to find one for $250 + shipping to India made this a freaking steal !!! Tried the Thunderpants as well but I prefer the more revealing YH-100s.   Only problem is that its 20...
  4. brendon

    Looking for a DAC/Amp up to the $120 price range

    ^^ The MS II is a DAC and not a headphone amp. However for a relatively easy to drive headphone like the HD598 an amp isnt really required.   The MS II is available on   About your second query I haven't heard anything in that price range so I cannot comment.  ...
  5. brendon

    Classical Music Amp?

    ^^ Well the lyr is a tube hybrid rather than a pure tube amp like the Valhalla. For instance I have an EHHA which is also a tube hybrid but frankly it sounds very much like a solid state amp rather than have that 'tubey sound'   I don't have much experience with amps so I cannot comment much.
  6. brendon

    Looking for a DAC/Amp up to the $120 price range

    If you can stretch till $149 I would suggest the Music Streamer II (MS II for short). I have the E10 and the MS II and while the E10 has a far more powerful amp that can drive even my orthos, the MS II is simply better in practically all aspects with soundstage being the most noticeable...
  7. brendon

    Reasonably priced dac/amp's?

    ^^ Both are pure amps.   @OP - I have tried a Fiio E10 and it was pretty good. Its not as good as the $149 Music Streamer II (pure DAC) but it has a smoother midrange and it can drive any headphone you throw at it without any problem. It costs just $80 including shipping so its pretty well...
  8. brendon

    Akg K-702 - Amped vs Unamped : Can't hear much of a difference?

    You know I always thought that using a headphone amp makes a night and day difference and after reading this thread I did a quick AB test of running my Sennheiser HD650 straight out of my phone and then connecting them to a Music Streamer --> EHHA amp and you know what ? There wasn't that huge a...
  9. brendon

    Can a sub 100.00 amp compete with big boys?

    I have used a fair share of budget amps and while they are good, they simply cannot compete with a more expensive amplifier. I have an Audio GD Compass and that can drive everything I throw at it including inefficient orthodynamics.   However the same headphones and source sound noticeably...
  10. brendon

    [Review] Brainwavz Beta (V2), Sound Quality Comes First

    Received my pair today and I have to admit my impressions kinda mirror yours down to the T. I had a hard time getting them out of the box and looking at the cables I frowned. However on first listening I became awed by their sound and I kinda stopped what I was doing. I faintly remembered seeing...
  11. brendon

    Schiit Valhalla vs Little Dot MK III

    If you stayed in the US I would have definitely said go for the Valhalla but since you are in Brazil chances are shipping will be equally expensive with both the Valhalla and the Little Dot. From reading peoples opinion both companies have good customer service. The biggest drawback of the...
  12. brendon

    $100-150 or less amplification for K701/K702? Cheap tube amp if I have my own tubes? Perhaps even DIY?

    The Indeed *might* power your K701. However the E9 *will* power your K701 decently as it is designed to offer loads of current for low impedance headphones like the K701 and its well within your budget to boot. :)   While I dunno the technical differences, basically tube amps come in many...
  13. brendon

    Whats a good inexpensive amp to drive AKG K701's ?

    The D4 had approximately the same power output as my P3+ which was insufficient to drive most big cans. So that should be dropped off the list.   The D10/D12 is also in the same boat as it had similar power output as my P3+   The D6 is supposed to be able to drive the K701s but I dunno...
  14. brendon

    Any good Chinese Tube headphone amps

    Depends on your budget.   You do get some well made Tube hybrid and Tube OTL amps but a lot of them are badly made crap.   I have personally heard the $199 Maverick A1 and found it quite competent.   It wont beat my EHHA tube hybrid but for the price it could drive my demanding...
  15. brendon

    Whats a good inexpensive amp to drive AKG K701's ?

    The K701 are inefficient low impeadance headphones. So you need portable amps that can provide sufficient current to drive them properly.   At the $300 budget I can think of only 2 amps that can possibly do that-   Ibasso P4+ (Can deliver 1000 mW + 1000 mW @ 32 ohms with the right OPAMP...
  16. brendon

    Can the E9 compete with the 'big boy' entry-level amps ?

    ^^ Yes thats the nice way to describe the sound of the MS2 and I wouldn't disagree with you there. :)   But cables ? Ah lets not get into that.
  17. brendon

    Whats a good inexpensive amp to drive AKG K701's ?

    The FiiO E9 is a very capable neutral amp and IMO will do justice to your K701s.   However the K701 is on the brighter side of neutral and IMO a tube amp would be a better match to mellow down the highs a bit and smoothen out the sound.   I heard it with a Maverick A1 tube amp and the...
  18. brendon

    T-Amp > Audeze LCD-2 Surprise

    ^^ Thanks for the feedback. Another related question. Would an adapter like this     along with a suitable 3.5mm -> RCA jack help connect a headphone to the speaker terminals on the T amp or am I grossly oversimplifying everything ?   Of course its not the best solution given the...
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  20. brendon

    T-Amp > Audeze LCD-2 Surprise

    Just out of curiosity, how will this T-Amp perform considering it has a headphone out ?   Sorry I dont know much about amps but does the headphone out use the same speaker amp circuitry ?  ...
  21. brendon

    Cable Burn-In: A Census on Head-Fi!

    Quote: You know thats very big of you to actually apologize.   I voted Fiction but frankly I would rather buy a decent cable more for durability reasons rather than sonic reasons.   I used to be a firm believer in cables but a doing an unscientific DBT between a good cable and a...
  22. brendon

    Fiio E7 vs HiFi-Man EF2A vs Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 vs NuForce Icon uDAC-2 for HD650

    ^^ Good point. I too would say, save up and spend on something better. The HD650 is one headphone that scales noticeably with better equipment and I have heard the EF2A, Tubemagic D1 and the uDAC 2 and none of them can do justice to the HD650.
  23. brendon

    Ortofon e-Q5 Impressions Thread

    Quote: I heard sibilance in the 3 sources that I tried - Sansa Fuze, BlackBerry 8330 and Music Streamer II.   However that was because of the way the e-Q5s were inserted into my ear. With a better seal the sibilance was gone but I could still hear some peaks in the region that would...
  24. brendon

    Just got the Koss Portapro - I wasted $30.00

    Quote: Exactly ! :D   I never intended to buy them but when I heard them I was quite shocked that they had no real weakness as their low price point. Almost every other cheap headphone around was deficient in either bass, treble , mids or in many cases in 2 out of the three.   The...
  25. brendon

    HE-500 Loaner Program

    I am interested. Glad you are including Asia Pacific this time around. I have 2 orthos - modded YH-100 and HP-2 along with a Sennheiser HD650.   I have a Music Streamer II DAC and I am getting a EHHA hybrid amplifier in a few days (It is already built). I have been thinking about getting a...