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  1. notox101

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    Hard drives don't make any difference in the sound restitution, the only difference can be the access time. If the configuration of Audirvana Plus is the same on both of your computers, and if it has an exclusive and direct access to your external sound card (btw, i guess you're using the same...
  2. notox101

    Static sound with headphones ? Soundcard issue or headset

    Yes it does, an amp does amplify whatever the signal is, it's not that clever .
  3. notox101

    Need help Buying DAC

    Okay so first of all, be ready to read long long threads on that topic, My point of view and advices are far far away from the knowledge of the whole head-fi community  However, I can see you're aiming to get the best quality for a tight budget for HiFi, and trust me it's POSSIBLE (yes we CANs...
  4. notox101

    Sound Card Suggestions (Loved Prelude, Don't like Xonar)

    Good you've got your sound back !    That's funny you're talking about simplicity, sound cards are way more complicated than a simple usb-dac. One one hand you get a very complex product with tons of different audio processing multiple I/O jacks whose the configuration can be really tidious...
  5. notox101

    Foobar 2000 or JRiver MC19

    Beside the fact fact you can find fifty reasons to prefer Foobar if you ask your wallet, it depends more of what you're looking for On one hand you have a very efficient music player, on the other hand you have a complete media management system. Foobar get the best of basics for music. It's...
  6. notox101

    Foobar2k doesn't see my shared drive

    Could you give me the exact error message you're getting while restoring, it may be not necessary to do a complete reinstall of windows (btw, which windows is it ?)  
  7. notox101

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    No no, I said that Clementine was buggy with Mavericks ! A+ rocks with it !   And aside Clementine, and few complete freeze (I had to restart my laptop) I cannot explain, I'm pretty happy with Mavericks !
  8. notox101

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    I don't think you can, at least easily. I try to do a 3-thrids soft. architecture to reroute VLC to Audirvana + through iTunes & using Audirvana+ as integrated to iTunes. The idea was to stream the audio from Vlc to iTunes through the network. That part works (with the need of recode the...
  9. notox101

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    I totally agree with putting Audirvana + on the top of list. However, I dislike to be forced to use Itunes to get a correct media player with a library manager (Using Audirvana alone is just a step back to early 2K's). I used to like Clementine for some reason (I'm more a Linux guy), but...
  10. notox101

    Sound Card Suggestions (Loved Prelude, Don't like Xonar)

    Usually, components who mainly give a "color" to your sound are your DAC, you preamp, you amp and of course your HPs/Headphones. I would say, IMHO, that SPDIF interfaces, cables and others act on the sound as well but in minor proportion.  However, I trust you when you say that you got a...