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  1. TeRrAPh0eNiX

    SOLD: Shure SE310 *PRICE DROP*FREE Fiio E5*FREE Comply Foam tips*

    Confirmed sold? I'm very interested in these, especially if the 2-year warranty is still in effect.
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    Happy user of SR60 for 6 months-upgrade?

    Yeah, but sometimes i crave just a little bit more. Sadly, that's what all of you have in common as well! Buying nothing else also leaves me more money to buy CD's, which i have been doing a lot lately.
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    Happy user of SR60 for 6 months-upgrade?

    Hey all, i've been extremely happy with my Grado SR60 for the longest time; i really have not heard a better-sounding headphone. I really don't need an upgrade, but i'm just wondering how it would be to go up to the SR125 or SR225. I'm using it pretty much exclusively with my Rio Karma, which i...
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    Look stupid when wearing A900

    Grados really do look secksy. i walk around my school wearing the confidence of my grados; just knowing that my headphones sound 1000X better than yours is enough to make me feel good. but the grados really do look nice >_>
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    Ahh... that new headphone smell..

    All i have for EQ is the default settings with +1 +0 +1 +3 +4 works pretty well.
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    Ahh... that new headphone smell..

    omg.. yes... my sr60s came today, and i'm loving every minute of this. Very satisfying headphone. sound very good with acid/nujazz. with some rock like thrice they sound pretty good too. i'll burn them in overnight and wash the earpads. i'll have a good listen before i cut those...
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    Ordered SR60s..

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsferrari Much better in all aspects. Very low isolation in comparison...better listen in a quiet room Buy the grado Flats ( and the vwap flats for a good measure... Cheers! What's so good about the flats? they're $30..!
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    Ordered SR60s..

    From Headroom a few days ago. should be here soon. I don't really want to spoil the surprise, but what should i be expecting in comparison to my ER·6?
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    Nope. ER·6 does not sound fun at all. it sounds as sterile as the ER·4, i would say. I ordered the SR60 in search for more fun.
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    Tempur Pedic Grado Pads...

    I have a tempur-pedic pillow. it's extremely nice. i want a mattress topper too. another thing: i ordered the SR60 from Headroom yesterday and i think this is a good idea!
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    First post: MDR-V6 -> a500

    Quote: Originally Posted by GlowWorm Good review, good read. I think you'll be heading in the right direction with the HD580's. I thought the 580's were a "sorry excuse for a headphone?" BTW, welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet/bank account!
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    ER-6 CAME!! But.. a few things...

    2 months later... i am loving them. The representations of some Tool songs (bah, all of them) are absolutely awesome. Drums are outside my head! There is a noticeable soundstage (i think, if this is what it is), instrument seperation is good (i can place seperate sounds inside my head)...
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    Lifespan of foamies?

    Yeah, thanks. But what about retrofitting?
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    Headphones as microphone

    It works with my Labtec 840 elite! Sounds pretty good too, hmm... i wonder why this works.
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    Describing Headphone Attributes

    That helps a bit... especially with the detail, but i feel that i still don't get it extremely well like some of the seasoned members of head-fi, which is logical because i've been here what, a month or two? :P I guess i'll listen carefully some more and see what i can find... but it will...
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    Describing Headphone Attributes

    As a newbie here (sort of) i am sometimes stumped as to how to interpret headphones' sound descriptions, as well as describing them accurately myself. I'd like to have these terms clear: Detail is what? What do you hear when you hear "detail?:" Highs are: Mids are: Bass is: A...
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    Quick questions on portables (IHP-140, and Zen xtra)

    Look into the Rio Karma. FLAC and Ogg Vorbis support.
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    Nora Jones

    Norah Jones has a very powerful voice; could this be why it "clips" like this? It's present all over the song. *shrug*
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    Sprang for Probot CD today...

    Well hey, hey, now, it's not all over. There's always the morning after. :P I was listening to it ALL DAY today at school on my Karma. It seems to have grown on me! All songs have very good chords, catchy beat, and in some cases, like "Red War," you can really headbang yourself silly. I...
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    Needed and Wanted: Complete overhaul of entire music collection.

    Quote: Originally posted by blessingx [B]Just get good music. A lot of that will show off what the Etys are capable of. That's kind of what i'm doing here. Thanks for showing me the masterpiece thread; it helps a lot. thanks!
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    Fast energetic rock?

    System of a Down? Toxicity is a good album.
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    NEED: Closed headphone, COMFY + no terrible in head effect

    Quote: Originally posted by devwild see, now that won't work, cause now we'll all win like 50 cents What we SHOULD do is pool together that money earned and buy half of an R-10
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    ER-6 CAME!! But.. a few things...

    I'll upgrade when i need to. I'm perfectly happy with these. (At least i think so. )
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    ER-6 Seal?

    I agree, mine kind of go UP and towards the back of my head. Should the wires go up towards the top of your ears when you wear them around your ears?
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    Rate your tinnitus!

    I've had some problems with my ears since i got my ER-6s. I'm pretty much completely sure i'm not listening to them at a loud level; i usually end up at around 10-11 volume on my Karma, even when i'm in a noisy school hallway. It seems like it got a bit worse today, while i was cleaning my...