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  1. -ries

    cd cases

    Which CD case are you using? The CD shelving has to go so I'm going to CD book cases. I've found this What are some of you using to store CD's outside of there jewel cases?
  2. -ries

    Ear Plug recommendations

    Anybody using earplugs regularly when not using headphones. I'm wanting to help preserve my hearing for the long run. Any suggestions for earplugs used regularly would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently using Hearos Ultimate Softness Series, rated @ High NRR 32db.
  3. -ries

    backing up audio files online

    Hello is anybody using email space as a virtual drive for backing up audio files? I'm considering using multiple gmail accounts to store FLAC files.The freewares I've found are gdrive, roamdrive and peer2mail. Any insights, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.