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  1. cowjuan

    Amp for Grado

    i have had an sr80 for about 4 years and i love it to death. it sounds a million times better with an amp. i paired it with a little dot mk ii and it sounded phenomenal. i say tubes are the way to go with grado. also, you're going to need a dac as well.
  2. cowjuan

    wtb: alien dac.

    i am interested in buying an alien dac for around ~$40.
  3. cowjuan

    For sale: Little Dot II+

    payment sent.
  4. cowjuan

    fix my cmoy and you will receive two free cans! (done.)

    hello, i attempted to build a cmoy but failed at it. i think the power supply section may be troubleshooting since i get sound when plugging them to my source and headphones with and without my battery or it's might be solder bridges. i'm sure it's an easy fix to an experienced diy'er. if you...
  5. cowjuan

    Afterglow thread: post your eargasm here

    the first time i listened to "camera obscura" unamped from my ipod with hd 280 pros. wow. it will always be a memory.
  6. cowjuan

    Your favourite headphone experience yet.

    i will always remember the time when i was in the backseat of my sister's truck on my way to mexico listening to "camera obscura" for the first time ever along with my newly-purchased hd 280 pros. everything sounded so clear and the music was flawless. now, every time i listen to them, i always...
  7. cowjuan

    CES Days 2 and 3: Skullcandy. That's right...Skullcandy.

    Quote: great review!  also, if tyll says they sound good, they must sound good.
  8. cowjuan

    what is an ssd

    x2 Quote:
  9. cowjuan

    $60 FOR HD650 EARPADS?

    grado charges $20 for their l-cush pads, which is just a piece of foam. that's 1/2 the price of the igrado! 
  10. cowjuan

    The death of the DAP?

    i hope not. i really hate phones. hopefully some groundbreaking technology for daps develops... but that seems unlikely.
  11. cowjuan

    Leica D-Lux 5 & Lumix DMC-LX5 (TAVES Toronto Audio show - Nov.01, 2013 - Photos)

    that picture is amazing. it seems that any picture taken with a leica is a masterpiece.
  12. cowjuan

    ATTN UK Grado Owners.

    thank you armandhammer!
  13. cowjuan

    My New YouTube Headphone/IEM Channel!!

    just watched the pa2v2 video. great review! but you might want to consider reviewing your products with your camera set horizontally rather than vertically. just a suggestion.  i hope to see more reviews in the future!
  14. cowjuan

    Just bought this from ebay

    looks good and the price is really generous compared to other amps. i've been meaning to get into speakers lately, but my wallet won't let me. 
  15. cowjuan

    Best Free Antivirus

    avast was the best free antivirus back when i had a pc. it detected and eliminated viruses that avg couldn't. but now i have a mac. 
  16. cowjuan

    Should you tip at a partial service restaurant?

    i give tips depending on the service and the hospitality i get. but i tip no more than five dollars. keep in mind, i have never been to a fine dining/fancy restaraunt.
  17. cowjuan

    PS3 for $40?
  18. cowjuan

    Leica D-Lux 5 & Lumix DMC-LX5 (TAVES Toronto Audio show - Nov.01, 2013 - Photos)

    ahh, i've always wanted a leica. one day, one day... p.s. it looks nice!
  19. cowjuan

    HE-90 just sold for $11,300 on Ebay

    it does sound like a scam. he is basically asking you to pay for them every way that isn't protected.
  20. cowjuan

    Worst IEM you've ever heard.

    ultimate ears 4. really bad iems. bass is bloated, mids are meh, and hardly has any treble. i should've taken the amazon reviews seriously.
  21. cowjuan

    HE-90 just sold for $11,300 on Ebay

    gosh, i hate that scammers are starting to turn on high-end audio equipment now.
  22. cowjuan

    New discovery about headphones?

    woah, thanks for sharing. i've been wanting to do this to my sr80s but have been holding back. i hope i have the courage to do it someday. 
  23. cowjuan

    Cost-no-object cans

    there is a pair of sennheiser orpheus headphones on ebay right now. they are said to be the best headphones in the world.
  24. cowjuan

    THE best female vocals? (your favorite female singers)

    i just discovered victoria bergsman. been listening to "taken by trees's" "open field" all day. it's really good.