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  1. BobinNJ

    FS Rega P1 Turntable w/ upgraded platter

    Bump for price change: For sale: Rega P1 turntable with the stock Ortofon OM 5e cartridge - low hours, about 100. Includes the platter upgrade as used on the more expensive P3 model. Double boxed in the original packing. Cover in excellent condition as it was never used & stored in the original...
  2. BobinNJ

    Realistic expectations vs Diminishing returns

    OK, I know this is an "Apples vs Oranges" question, but I'm going to ask.  I recently upgraded my Phono setup from a budget table to something more midfi.  I like the sound, but being an want-to-be audiophile, I did an A-B comparison; analog vs digital.  They were close, closer then I would have...
  3. BobinNJ

    FS Grado SR-325i

    I have a set of SR-325is that are no longer getting the use they deserve.  I've had them for 3+ years, and were purchased new.  Condition I would conservatively place at 9/10.  I'll throw in a set of TTVJ flats.  I have the original box & warrenty info.  Asking Sold plus shipping. Thanks
  4. BobinNJ

    How hot is too hot!

    I just got a Darkvoice 336se, which is my first experience with a tube amp. I guess I have some questions concerning what the normal operating temp should be. It is pretty warm to the touch in the top plate, especially by the power tube. Not unbearible, but I can't keep my fingers on it for...