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  1. Fangmasterflex

    SOLD: Lightly modified Alessandro (Grado) MS-1

    For sale is a lightly modified Alessando MS-1. A dark brown leather headband was added, a copper grill replaces the stock plastic grill, and the stock cord was recabled with a 4 foot stretch of Canare starquad, covered with nylon, and terminated with a switchcraft connector. The original...
  2. Fangmasterflex

    Billet Aluminum Knob

    I have a solid polished billet aluminum knob.  The knob is 1.75" in diameter, 0.625 in height, and takes a 1/4" shaft.  Has two screws nuts via allen bolts. The face is polished, but there is some very mild micromarring which was hard to capture by photo.  Can disappear  good polishing, but...
  3. Fangmasterflex

    2x 3.5mm interconnects, 1x custom ultimate ears cable

    Clearing out my old box of cables:   I have a 6.5" interconnect.  Made with white Canare quad mic cable wrapped with purple techflex and terminated with neutrik gold plated 3.5mm connectors.  The barrel on the Neutrik connector looks like its forming a tiny bit of rust, so i'll let this go...
  4. Fangmasterflex

    Street headphone suggestions under $150?

    Hello all,   My brother in law is currently looking for some headphones for his daily commute around the train system in NYC.  I've been out of the headphone game for a while, and the new amount of choices are really staggering.  He brought up the beats, but after reading threads around here...
  5. Fangmasterflex

    My emu0404 is acting funny

    Recently when playing music through my computer, the music itself will speed up, slowdown, and stutter randomly.  This usually precedes an error saying "Unknown Error.  Error code: 1  Windows error message: Undefined external error." which stops any wav output from playing on my...
  6. Fangmasterflex

    FS: 70" RCA cables with Rhodium HGA plugs

    I have for sale one pair of RCA cables. The length is 70" tip to tip. Canare gs-6 OFC copper cable was used for the cable, and the ends are terminated with Homegrown Audio rhodium plated performance series RCA plugs. The cable is covered in nylon multifilament and soldered with cardas...
  7. Fangmasterflex

    FS: 7" Pure silver mini to mini

    I have for sale a 7" mini to mini, using 3 strands of 22ga teflon wrapped pure silver, covered in flexible tubing and nylon multifilament. Ends are gold plated Switchcraft straight 1/8" plugs and soldered with Cardas quadeutectic solder. *sold*
  8. Fangmasterflex

    FS:NIB UE PRO (white)

    I have for sale a NIB sealed ultimate ears pro in white. Asking for $SOLD shipped conus, paypal only please. Any questions feel free to pm me
  9. Fangmasterflex

    FS:NIB UE 5 EB

    I have for sale a brand new, never opened UE 5 EB (white). Asking for SOLD! via USPS priority CONUS, paypal only please. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions Feedback here or you can find me under the ebay name "jojofango"
  10. Fangmasterflex

    FS: 7.25" mini to mini cable

    I have for sale a 7.25" mini to mini cable for sale, made with canare starquad, nylon multifilament covering, and gold plated switchcraft connectors at each end. SOLD The cable up for sale is the one on the bottom:
  11. Fangmasterflex

    FS: Custom 9ft Senn 650 Cable

    I have for sale a custom 9ft sennheiser 580/600/650 cable. It was made with 4 lengths of teflon covered belden silver coated copper 22ga. wire, litz braided, and then covered in flexible tubing. The end is terminated in a heavy Cardas GRQSS Gold/Rhodium straight 1/4" stereo phono plug. The wires...
  12. Fangmasterflex

    FS:2m Sennheiser 650/600 headphone cable

    I have for sale a great sounding 2 meter (6.5 foot) Sennheiser 600 or 650 headphone cable for sale. The cable was made with white canare starquad, and was covered in white techflex. The end was terminated with a 1/4" Cardas GRQSS rhodium over silver plate connector, and was soldered together...
  13. Fangmasterflex

    FS:opa637BP's, buf634u's, and some various parts

    I have some left over parts from amp/cable making: 3x OPA637BP's opamps, didnt work too well with my PPA 21$ each 3x buf634u, left over from making mints 5$ each 2x NJ3FP6 Neutrik 1/4" locking jacks SOLD 1x Canare f-12 1/8" male stero plug SOLD Buyer pays actual shipping of his/her...
  14. Fangmasterflex

    FS:637BP's, buf634u's, some cable parts

    I have some left over parts from amp/cable making: 3x OPA637BP's opamps, didnt work too well with my PPA 21$ each 3x buf634u, left over from making mints 5$ each 2x NJ3FP6 Neutrik 1/4" locking jacks 4$ each 1x Canare f-12 1/8" male stero plug 3$ I also have for sale a small selection of...
  15. Fangmasterflex

    FS: Mint amp

    I have for sale a mint amp, built in a serpac case with 9v battery trap door. It has an opa2228 opamp, 330uf capacitors, diode, all vishay dale resistors, aluminum knob, blue led, wired in belden silver plated copper, and biased into class A. SOLD Pics:
  16. Fangmasterflex

    FS:2x 75 ohm adapters and 2x mini to mini cables

    75 Ohm adapters SOLD Also for sale is a mini to mini interconnect. It was made with canare starquad, nylon multifilament covering, and gold plated switchcraft connectors at each end. 7.25" mini to mini left for sale Asking 19$ shipped, feel free to ask me any questions~
  17. Fangmasterflex

    FS:Sennheiser HD650 headcable

    I have for sale a Sennheiser HD650 cable. The cable was made with 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) of canare starquad, and covered in nylon multifilament. The end was terminated with a neutrik NP3X-B 1/4" plug. SOLD
  18. Fangmasterflex

    FS:Mint in mini Hammond

    I have for sale a mint amp in a 1455 series hammond aluminum case(about the size of a credit card). It's powered by ac adapter only (im including the universal ac adapter in the pictures). The amp is biased into class A, and uses an opa2228 opamp, 2 BUF634U buffers, 330 uf capacitors, all vishal...
  19. Fangmasterflex

    FS: Mint in Hammond

    I have for sale a mint amp built in a small 1455 aluminum hammond case, which is about the size of a credit card. The mint amp was built with all vishay dale 1% resistors, wired with belden silver plated copper, 330uf capacitors, blue 3mm led, opa2228 opamp with BUF634U SO-8 buffers, EVJ-C20...
  20. Fangmasterflex

    PPA amp and er-4p noise

    When i use my er-4p's in conjunction with my PPA, at low volumes the sound is clear. However when I turn it up to what i think is a comfortable listening level, it will play clear sound for about 1-2 seconds, then immediately switch over to pure noise. The amp works wonderfully with my 650's and...
  21. Fangmasterflex

    Favorite 1/4" plug?

    I've been looking for a nice 1/4" plug to terminate my DIY hd650 cable with - from what i've read it seems that the vampire 1/4" seems to be well liked, as well as the cardas grqs and various neutrik plugs. What are your favorite plugs to use and why? And it would also be appreciated if you...
  22. Fangmasterflex

    FS: 8" mini to mini connector

    I have a 8" mini to mini cable for sale. Cable uses straight switchcraft 1/8" connectors, belden 22awg silver coated copper wire, and white techflex covering. Asking 18$, buyer pays for whichever shipping he/she chooses. Paypal only, feel free to PM me with any questions, thanks!
  23. Fangmasterflex

    FS: AV-710 sound card

    I have an AV-710 chaintech 7.1 channel soundcard up for sale, got a emu0404 as a gift so I no longer need it. Only used for less than a week, so everything is in new condition. Asking 22$ shipped in the US, pm me with any questions!
  24. Fangmasterflex

    FS: 1.5m Zu Pivot Mini->RCA

    I have up for sale a 1.5meter zu pivot mini to rca interconnect in excellent condition. Sounds fantastic, but I need different connectors for my current emu0404 setup ~Asking 49$ shipped priority in the US~ Pic
  25. Fangmasterflex

    FS: MINT amp in Hammond

    I have a MINT amp for sale, built inside the smallest aluminum Hammond case they have. Internals include: Black Aluminum Hammond Case (model 1455C801BK, size is 3.15"x 2.125"x 0.91", about the size of a credit card) Black Aluminum knob Tangents MINT board OPA2228 OPAMP Handmatched...