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  1. dskywalker

    iPhone is Go Go GO!

    I know audio is all we care here, but as far as I know, this is the first apple pda right? I heard that it runs OS X?
  2. dskywalker

    Breakdown of Zunes Wi-Fi feature

    Wow, it doesn't support dling music from a Wifi network? I would be lucky to find someone nearby with the same device to share songs with.
  3. dskywalker

    5th gen Ipod sq sadness

    You're not alone, I prefer the sound of the old ipod, despite the lack of bass response.
  4. dskywalker

    New iPods

    But none of them really addresses specifically SQ of the 80giga one. Maybe it's too early to tell right now, I'll be patient.
  5. dskywalker

    Well, I think it is safe to say that none of our head-fi equipment will fly anymore

    We're forced to be much more sociable than before . Hope you frequent flyers get better seat neighbors on the plane.
  6. dskywalker

    The Next Killer DAP

    I recommand just wait for a while until the next wave of daps that are coming out for the xmas season. Your HD1 isn't broken yet, there is no urge to get a new dap unless you want video capabilities. There is no other 20G player that is as small and with as much juice as your HD-1.
  7. dskywalker

    What do you think of the Zen V?

    Yea i find creative's stuff to look better in person. Looks aside, I think I may consider it if I don't already have ZVM. Battery life isn't too shaby either.
  8. dskywalker

    Test yourself: What frequencies can you hear?

    At 19000 I was able to hear clearly via some crappy computer desktop speakers.....and at the same time I saw that winamp equalizer indicated a sound of a single frequency was played. However, when I tried the 20k sample, I could not hear a thing, and that winamp equalizer didn't show any sound...
  9. dskywalker

    You Might Not Be a Head-Fi Member if.....

    1)you wonder if you should have a foobar after working out 2)you don't understand why some weirdoes talk about how X5 sounds instead of how it drives 3)your 512mb shuffle has 500 songs on it 4)you think this smiley makes absolutely no sense 5)your ipod video capacity is completely dedicated...
  10. dskywalker

    Would someone teach me how to get the best out of my setup?

    I heard about windows kmixer does something to the digital it true? If so, how to avoid it? Does it really make a difference? Or do I automatically get bit perfect signal via USB connection already?
  11. dskywalker

    Would someone teach me how to get the best out of my setup?

    Following advices here I bought myself a Silverstone EB01. Right now I have the following things at my disposal: foobar, eb01, supermarcro, hd600, and my current sound card is audigy 2 platinum pro. Would someone help me get the best SQ out of these components?
  12. dskywalker

    UM2s Were Great...until I got the K701s

    I've owned er-4p, e4c, and um2 before, but none of them can really reproduce the full size can experience. Now on the go, I rather use ksc-75. I rather put up with the noise than the tiny sound stage and discomfort of iems.
  13. dskywalker

    Looking to buy new DAP

    I'm in the same boat as well. As the AV500 getting cheaper now, I wonder if it's worth it to get one. What I really want to know is whether it sounds good. I'm sure it's video quality is top notch as I've seen it in person. AV500 owners help!
  14. dskywalker

    Need a Dac recommendation

    nice, so what's a good place to get it?
  15. dskywalker

    Need a Dac recommendation

    Right now my home rig is ZVM+SM3+HD600. But I kind of get tired of loading songs onto the player everytime I get a new album. I think I rather use my computer as a source at home. I have an old Audigy 2 Platinum Pro with an optical out. I'm thinking I'll need to buy a DAC. Audigy 2's headphone...
  16. dskywalker

    iRiver H10 Issue

    Sorry I can't be much of a help here. But I do want to listen to more people comment on the sound of this player. This player can be had for about $160 right now. I'm just wondering how good it sounds compare to other players, just headphone out(not line out).
  17. dskywalker

    ZVM Owners: Any problems with your device?

    Maybe I don't use my ZVM often enough, but I certainly haven't experienced any serious problems yet. One minor annoyance is that if your video folder is empty (let's say the tv folder), it takes forever to get back to the previous screen. Other than that, everything else seems fine. Although...
  18. dskywalker

    why does nobody ever suggest sony dap players?

    I like my HD5, and I think it's still the best sounding mp3 player (headphone out) I've ever tried. I have had iPod mini, 4G, 5G, nano, shuffle, rio karma, rio carbon, vaio pocket and zen visiom m. The weird thing is, after I got my HD5 back from cracked button repair, suddenly it sounded even...
  19. dskywalker

    Video Ipod or Mac Tablet

    I place my bet here, it's real.
  20. dskywalker

    Creative Vision:M Mini-Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by kevintoribert I own the Zen Nomad Jukebox 30gig unit, and got my Vision:M last Thursday. The Creative Vision:M is a serious upgrade to this unit, especially if you like sound quality and appreciate a better user interface. Using the line-out to a Creek...
  21. dskywalker

    Apple Ipod Video or Cowon iAUDIO X5?

    Sorry to confuse you more, but the creative zen vision does deserve for some attention at this point. It has very very good video and sonic qualities comparing to iPod video. The only downside is that its thicker and that it's not as easy to use (scroll wheel just works better, vertical strip...
  22. dskywalker

    Halleluja! My DT880s Arrived on Valentine Day!

    Haha talking about new toys arriving on Valentines Day, I received my zen vision m yestereday, I know exactly how you feel
  23. dskywalker

    Shure is getting up there to the "Bose" size..

    I must say these IEMs are getting more and more popular. Frys carry the whole product line from e2c to e4c (and some of the gaming versions) from sure, as well as the UE consumer models such as Pro etc.
  24. dskywalker

    Creative Vision:M Mini-Review

    I finally saw this little puppy at Frys last nite! Build was solid and display quality was exceptional. But I didn't get a chance to audition the zen with my e4c, shame on me . Anyways, today there was a deal on the white zen vision:m for $279 (after coupon etc at crutchfield), I couldn't resist...
  25. dskywalker

    Vision:M... nice amp in this thing.

    Quote: Originally Posted by proximal Fry's in Fountain Valley has one on display, and it's plugged in so you can actually play with it. Not sure about the other locations, though. Thanks, I'm going down to irvine very soon, hopefully that display unit will still be there...