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  1. actuary616

    Phonenixtv vs Master 8

    Has anyone ever compared between Audio GD's Phoenixt and Master 8? What's the difference? Is there a big improvement from Phoenix to Master 8? Which one is a better match with HD800? Thank you in advance!
  2. actuary616

    LD VIII vs Audio GD Master 8 for HD800?

    Hello everyone! I want to buy a balanced amp to drive my balanced HD800. I want to choose one between LD MK8SE and Audio GD Master 8. I heard LD MK8SE twice, and liked it a lot. I also heard ppl saying Audio GD Master 8 could drive HD800 very well, but I never listened to it. My source is...
  3. actuary616

    Floor noise on WA5

    I just recived a WA5 amp. I used a HD800 and ER4P (with adapter) on it. I can hear big floor noise at any volume expecially at high gain. I definitely can hear this floor noise at low gain too, but a lot quieter.  I tried both stock tubes and my own premium tubes. No change. Can you please share...
  4. actuary616

    Power cables recommendation needed

    My set up: CDP: Bryston BCD-1 AMP: Woo Audio WA5 300B single Headphone: HD800 Speakers: Spendor SP2/3 R2 Interconnect cable: Nordost Red Dawn Speaker cable: Cardas Neutral Reference Favorite music genre: Classic and Jazz Can you give me some recommendation on power cables for CDP and...
  5. actuary616

    WA5 vs WA5-LE

    Are they essentially the same in term of driving headphones (such as HD800)? The difference between them is that WA5 can drive K1000 and some high efficient speakers? Thank you in advance.