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  1. gigit

    Need some help with H320 problem

    My iRiver H320 has a bit of a problem: after it has finished charging and I have unpluged it, the screen saying it is fully charged does not dissapear even when i try to turn it off (I use the stock firmware). It will not turn off, and when the battery starts to run down it goes back to thinking...
  2. gigit

    HD-650s to buy or not to buy

    I recently came across a good deal for a pair of Senn HD-650s and have been debating on whether or not to get them... I currently own a pair of grado sr-225, and have been loving them, but have been looking into other headphones to compliment/contrast them, all i listen to is Rap and Jazz music...
  3. gigit

    Best DIY amp?

    I have been searching around, reading a lot about DIY amps, and have been wondering what the "best" DIY amp is in peoples opinions. I really like the idea of DIY amps (mainly for the cost factor so the money for amps doesn't have to compete with my tuition money... and school costs always win)...
  4. gigit

    Questions for Headphiled/woodie Grado owners

    So before i spend money i should be saving for college tuition and books for next quarter on getting my grados woodied up I have some thinkgs i would like to know 1. How durable and flexable are the blackmax cables? 2. How much weight change is there from the wood? and for thoes with c-pads...