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  1. 333jeffery

    Rockna Wavedream DAC

    I've been comparing a Rockna Wavedream dac to an Yggdrasil and a Directstream dac for the last few weeks. Very impressive piece of equipment. It easily surpasses the Yggy and the Directstream. Super high resolution, yet not a trace of digital glare. Wonderful weight and presence to the...
  2. 333jeffery

    FS: DNA Sonett Balanced Outputs $675

    Mint condition DNA Sonett balanced outputs headphone amplifier for sale. Approximately one year old. No scuffs or scratches. Includes original tubes. Ships in original box with manual.   Paypal plus $25 shipping in the US. Thanks.     SOLD  SOLD  Thanks for looking.
  3. 333jeffery

    R-Core Transformer?

    What is an r-core transformer, and why would you want one in an audio amplifier? Is it better than, say, an toroidal transformer? Thanks for any info.