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  1. Raymate

    Sony MD Walkman MZ-R90 buttons and jog dial not doing right functions?

    Did you ever get a fix for this, I have the same unit with the same fault. Hope at some point you didn't get it fixed and sold it as I may have ended up with it :) lol
  2. Raymate

    Need to find a Sony CD player that does this....

    Im in Canada and Im trying to track down a Sony CD player that has specific features. The model that comes does have all the features is from Europe CDP-XE510 but I want a US version that I can't seem to find out if they ever made a US version. It needs to have: 1. CD-TEXT playback, but using...
  3. Raymate

    looking for bluetooth headphones: Sony MDR-1RBT or Sony MDR-10RBT?

    Just got the MDR-10RBT to try, this is my first BT headphones.   So far not very impressed, the upper mids and highs are almost missing and rather muddy low end.   Do they benefit from some burn in time, been running them for about 2 hours and think I made a mistake.   My main cans are...
  4. Raymate

    The FiiO X3 2nd gen (ex X3K, X3II) Thread : 192K/24B, CS4398,Native DSD, USB DAC with LO and inline remote

    OK so I had it in the kart at Aliexpress, got the message saying don't pay until the price is changed. This was on Friday, my price was never updated checked again today (and checked every day)   and now says sold out. What   Very disappointed in the way Aliexpress handled this, anybody else...
  5. Raymate

    Anything similar to Massive Attack?

    Thats a tough one to follow, mostly what you said is your best bet   You can also add:   "Leftfield" to the list for sure.   Maybe "Shara Nelson" and "Garbage"     Funny I have everything you listed as I'm a big fan of massive attack and that style of sound.   At the moment "Lamb" is...
  6. Raymate

    X3 favourites messed up after changing card

    Used a 32GB card then decided to get a 64GB card.   Moved the music over OK and then added some favourites on the new big 64GB card.   When I then look in the favourites menu it seems to have remember the old favourites from the old 32GB card and of course the new ones for the 64GB card.  ...
  7. Raymate

    Just got Fiio X3 and have some questions

    Anyone...   Also I have a number of DVD Audio disks, any good app for Mac for moving them to my Fiio,   Any software for DTS Audio disk as well ?
  8. Raymate

    Just got Fiio X3 and have some questions

    Firstly it was not that good then remembered it has a gain hi and low, after switching to hi it sounded much better.   It was running 3.2 out of the box but updated t o3.3 to make sure.     1. Found some songs show album art and some don't, any reason for this. All my music is in iTunes on...
  9. Raymate

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    The "Vali" it is for now...  just need to to source one in Canada   May even get the "Modi 2 Uber" to go with it, instead of using my Fiio DACs
  10. Raymate

    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    Looking at getting this, does it need running in?   I have a E7 and E17 can I sue them to get sound into this?
  11. Raymate

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Thanks you that good to know about the clinical detail I may start to get and your right maybe not like.
  12. Raymate

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Does the Vali pair well with my HD600 and HD650 ?
  13. Raymate

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Thanks for your replies, just looked up the Vali not seen that before but like I say I wasn't looking. Thats cheap so I can maybe go up in the range a bit.   Long time ago when i first got my HD600 I once looked into a music fidelity x-can, but it looks like they no longer make that.
  14. Raymate

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Love my HD650 and HD600 even my new HD598 are not bad.   But do I dare go up to the HD700 or HD800 will I get any better sound in doing so. I think the 650 and 600 and fantastic, never heard the 700 or 800   I also only use a Fiio E9 with the E7 or sometimes my E17 even use the D3 with the...
  15. Raymate

    Fiio E17 with Mac

    And one more thing I have a E9 amp do I need to move the LO Bypass switch on the E17?
  16. Raymate

    Fiio E17 with Mac

    Another question I dont seem to have the option to see the " run time " its not in my menu.
  17. Raymate

    Fiio E17 with Mac

    Hi,   Just got a E17 Alpen and when using on my Mac and setting the Mac to output 44.1 / 16 bit the E17 always says 48k on the display, if I switch the Mac to be 32 / 48 / 96 it shows up OK.   It does it on USB and Optical audio.   Mac running 10.7.5    E17 FW is FW00LE17EN  ...
  18. Raymate

    Original vs. Remastered Albums?

    Why did the label "AAD" "ADD" and "DDD" die out.   Back in the day this help sort the wheat from the chaff, no one seems to use it anymore.   Does anyone know was it part of the red book standard or was it marketing?
  19. Raymate

    Using iMac for 24 bit output, questions

    Just want to know if this will work.   Linn Records have been giving away free tracks each day in Studio Master 24-bit some up to 192k and after using the ALAC file in iTunes I want to actually hear the sound as it should be.   Never been above CD quality source so this is all very...
  20. Raymate

    Apple EarPods Thread

    They are not bad at all, just got a pair today. Cant wait for them to run in, anyone have some input on how they may change with use?   For a laugh I just used them with my E7 and line out, gives them a bit more slam   As a rule I dont like IEM, I tried to like them and tried a few but...
  21. Raymate

    Is this possible.... 3.5mm mini TOS to USB

    Not sure if this is even possible.   Using Fiio E7 and love to use the USB audio in from my Mac   I use lossless and have a couple of airport express units that have optical out via a 3.5mm mini TOS   If it possible to convert the optical out from the express unit to a USB audio...
  22. Raymate

    TRON T3, yes I know they are bad.....

    Dont hate me too much, I wanted to try some in-ear and liked the look of the Monster Turbines, but just to try it's a lot of money.   I have never been a fan of in-ear before.   So I found some Monster TRON T3 on special and grabbed them.   First listen I thought what a waste of...
  23. Raymate

    CDs gone all frosty looking

    No they have been in normal room conditions, most of the disk affected are from the early 90's    Googling the problem I have found a only a few references to this. And it seems the mostly affected are CD singles that come in plastic digipacks and the plastic used to make them is ageing and...
  24. Raymate

    CDs gone all frosty looking

    have a number of older CD single from various bands but all seem to be made by EMI Swindon   To my horror I have just dug some out to play and they have all gone frosty looking and will not play.   How can I fixthem I have a great of LTD edition disks that are dead.