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  1. sagocup

    turned off the tv, unplugged the xbox, and now i'm getting offline

    I usually leave the tv off, but my parents must have it on even when they aren't using it. Computer is the worst. I hate doing essays, since I'm distracted, my friends still interuppt me w/a busy message on aim, asking for help and what not. Also I'm checking out some forums too. Baaaad.
  2. sagocup

    Realalisticly, how important is high school...

    I'm following my brother's footsteps.(high school wise) He slacked off during HS, getting an 85 average but they added 5 points b/c it was a science specialized school. He went to Howard for a year, hated his major and the college. He took a year off, and went to CUNY, and he is now a major in...
  3. sagocup

    My little doggy is dying...

    I'm sorry for your loss at least you experienced having a pet!
  4. sagocup

    interesting movies?

    Quote: Originally Posted by SennFan SAGOCUP Clockwork Orange is surprisingly faithful to Burgess's novel. However, the use of the "Nadsat" language isn't too overdone in the film. McDowell's Welch accent is elegantly wicked too---I love it! I think that the film is much easier to...
  5. sagocup

    interesting movies?

    Quote: Originally Posted by SennFan Clockwork Orange is one of the best movies ever, period. Let us know what you think of it, people almost indefintely seem to love it or hate it. Ahhh I've always wanted to see that movie since I read the book. How does it compare to the novel...
  6. sagocup

    NEWS FLASH! teh internets has search engines!

    This is just too funny. I remember my first search engine it was Yahoo , than Google(when it was practically unknown). That was several years ago (mid 1990's?).
  7. sagocup

    what do you like except cans and music

    Chocolate, books, drawing, meditating, long showers, and food. :3
  8. sagocup

    When do you sleep and when do you wake up?

    12-1am and I wake up at 6am for school. On the weekend it's later like 3am and I wake up like at 10/11am? One of my friends sleep at 9pm and never stayed any later than that. Insane, but she has better grades than my other friends and I that sleep late. :P
  9. sagocup

    Update on my dad

    Oh my God! I'm so sorry, he will be in my thoughts.
  10. sagocup

    Prom - the next biggest wallet sucker since Head-Fi

    I'm having my prom in June. All of my friends forced me into going to the prom. (so they brainwashed me) so 190 bucks I paid. The dress I got for a bargain, and my transportation just might be the lovely NYC subway system. :| I better have 90% fun there. Oh, and I have no date, I'll just end...
  11. sagocup

    Do your ears hurt after listening for hours with your headphones ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nsjong Clip-ons will ALWAYS hurt your ears. No matter what, they're not designed to be worn for long periods. Ahhh I've always hated clip ons. No I never had any "listening fatigue".
  12. sagocup

    Female Head-Fi'ers?

    Not a real head fi'er. I'm actually more of a lurker here. What I use: GradoSR-60 home and outside. I'm too poor to get anything better at this point. :'( I am enjoying these grados very much however and I wouldn't have known if I didn't come across here. I did see a woman w/grados before I...
  13. sagocup

    I Want to Kill

    I thought the wonderful natural earwax would do for protection! :P There is nothing but lint, hair, my sweat and maybe my own bacteria. Yeah I do tend to clean after someone uses my headphone which is rare.
  14. sagocup

    Gender diversity in the hobby?

    I can't say too much yet on headphones and all, I'm still a noob trying to raise some cash for the my next one. Anywho I could talk about the other male-dominated hobbies such a video gaming. In certain video game stores the clerks would ast act all snobby and annoying if I ask if they had a...
  15. sagocup

    what's for thanksgiving dinner?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MrEcted1 Whoever first came up with Pumpkin Pie deserves SUPER MAD PROPS! One of the greatest things known to man!... Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream... and a cup of coffee (or egg nog if you like it) It really doesn't get much better then that. yup...
  16. sagocup

    What's Up with the "Slow-Posters"?

    More of a lurker, I visit this site since I joined but rarely post.
  17. sagocup

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#3?]

    The Sixth Station-Spirited Away OST
  18. sagocup

    travelling with no headphones, whine, whine

    That's insane! I can't live a day w/o my micro, or a while back w/o my cd player. I guess it would really make you appreciate it more like staying in a place w/no electricity!
  19. sagocup

    How Much School Do You Remember?

    I'm still in HS, but during the previous summers I tend to forget almost everything from the previous semester. I used to go to a "summer school" not b/c I failed any subjects it's more of a pre-prep for the upcoming subjects I'll end up taking during the fall. Instead of an academic summer...
  20. sagocup

    Yeah, i'm definitely not an "audiophile"

    I'm too poor to be an audiophile so I'm going to end it w/ two more headphones the Grado SR60 and Senn HD 555. I just want to enchance my music exp.
  21. sagocup

    The GRADO SR-60 Impressions Thread

    Excuse my ignorance,(and slightly off topic) I'm getting so hyped up for the sr60! I live in the NYC area and Brooklyn is only a train ride away, can I just like buy it right at the "Grado Labs" or it's restricted just to "order" it?
  22. sagocup

    Do you have Head-fi set as your homepage?

    I go straight to gmail first, but gah it's been on google for years!
  23. sagocup

    How Many Headphones Do You Own?

    I'm new to the headphones, and I can't name them all...but the majority is broken thanks to my bro. I have 2 currently that aren't the garbage stock headphones that came w/my micro, and a recent purchase the Senn HD201, which is a hell of alot better than the stock ones.
  24. sagocup

    Funny encounter with an iPod poser

    By God I am the biggest newbie w/headphones, and I was never happy with stock headphones/earphones. The topics in the headphone forum gave me a new light on my recent purchase(Senn convert ) and I actually did some research on an item that I would previously not give a second thought. (I would...
  25. sagocup

    Strange Eating Habits

    When I was younger I used to eat one pea at a time, and now if you gave me a bag of chips I would eat it one at a time. I also go to the meat first and whatever side dish second. -Ahh Vindaloo is insane at certain Indian restaurants, I remember crying, sweating and getting a headache from that...