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  1. gpalmer

    SPF: NOS Balanced GS-1000

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS This should be a fun one. This sale is for a pair of balanced GS-1000's. They were ordered balanced from Todd the Vinyl Junkie. If I remember correctly this means the cabling was done by Grado Labs and the termination was done by Todd. I would like to post pictures of...
  2. gpalmer

    SPF: ATH-W2002 - Price Drop

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS I am putting my set of Audio Technica ATH-W2002 headphones up for sale. These were recently offered together with a Sugden Headmaster which is no longer for sale. Again, the headmaster is NOT part of this sale. Pictures can be found here. Warning: there are a lot prettier...
  3. gpalmer

    This makes you think...

    Yesterday I was all ready to head to the local shooting range. I had my gear all packed up and waiting in my car when work had a crisis I had to get involved in. It turns out that I would have been walking into this hostage situation. As glad as I am to have missed the party it's still had me...
  4. gpalmer

    The Aristaeus has landed

    Well after a long wait the Aristaeus has landed. So far, so good though it's still first impressions at this point. Speed is phenomenal! So far the only setup I've heard get the drums attack this right is the HE-60 on cymbals. The HE-90 / Aristaeus combo is getting them right across the board...
  5. gpalmer

    Jukebox 3 Replacement Battery

    I've been looking around for jukebox 3 replacement batteries and other than a couple places that are charging double what Creative used to they don't seem to be available. Does anyone know if the rumors that Creative will no longer be offering them in the future are correct?
  6. gpalmer

    Review: RnB Audio "Diamond Class Mini" reference interconnect

    EDIT, Sorry, this one got away from me (a little too much enthusiasm) and I didn't have enough time to prune it down for quick reading. So if you want the bottom line, skip to the last two paragraphs! RnB Audio "Diamond Class Mini" reference interconnect Over the last couple of years...
  7. gpalmer

    Anyone using NJB3 with Firewire?

    Just curious, I've had pretty good luck with USB but when I went to Firewire today it couldn't make it through more than transferring 15 tracks from the NJB3 to the computer before hanging or crashing with a Application Error. Is there a trick to this I'm missing?
  8. gpalmer

    Help me cheat

    Hi, I'm hoping to cut through the red tape and get a quick idea of what portable players to consider along with a quick recomendation for ripping software. It looks like I might be out of the country for a couple months. I will not be able to transport my CDs along with me so I would like to...
  9. gpalmer

    San Jose Mini-Mini-Meet

    Morsel and I got together today and did a San Jose mini-mini-meet. We wanted to do an in-depth comparison of the Gilmore V2 against the PPA. So we got together and listened to the two with my Meridian 588 and an A/B switch for cutting between the two amplifiers. Oh yeah, and a little Persian...
  10. gpalmer

    New record -> 366

    I just noticed this: Most users ever online was 366, Yesterday at 07:11 PM. I suppose it's getting a bit old mentioning it since we keep breaking it, but here's to growth and the new hardware coming!
  11. gpalmer


    I just received a pair of 1960s Mullards from Soo In Chae. The tubes were as described, shipped quickly and communication was excellent. I would buy from him again!
  12. gpalmer

    Can you say Ikemi?...

    'cause I have no idea how the name of the Linn Ikemi is pronounced. I got the Linn down except my Scottish burr needs some work, but is the Ikemi I-Key-Me or Ike-Me or something else?
  13. gpalmer

    Shots of my Gilmore Balanced Reference

    Here it is, almost finished and on it's way. This one is upgraded from the normal Gilmore Balanced Reference in that it has Black Gates in the power supply, Vampire silver wiring, RCA inputs in addition to the balanced inputs, standard headphone jacks in addition to the balanced jacks and 5...
  14. gpalmer

    Newby Ety Owner Question

    I have a question to ask about the Etymotic 4S I recently got. How do you know when it's time to change the earpieces? I am using the white ones. Greg
  15. gpalmer

    Popping Coming From Amplifier

    I just received my new SuperMini amplifier from Fixup and it sounds great. One thing I am noticing though is that very half hour or 45 minutes, there is a quick double poppong noise coming out of the system. When I rewind the CD the noise is not repeated and I have listened to the CDs many times...
  16. gpalmer

    Will a Headphone Amp Help Me?

    I have a portable Panasonic DVD Audio/Video/CD player and driving headphones (top of the liine Denon) I notice that the instruments are not as clearly delineated as I would expect. My home system is a ModWright modified Pioneer 38a with Sunfire Theater Grand III driving Legacy speakers. What...