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  1. Toonie

    ***SOLD FS: Grado RS1i SOLD***

    Hi All, For sale are my very lightly used Grado RS1i headphones. I am the original owner. Headphones are in excellent condition and come with box, extension cable and 1/4” female to 1/8” male mini adapter. I put on a new pair of authentic Grado RS1 ear pads about two months ago. Please see...
  2. Toonie

    SOLD: Black AT ES7

    SOLD. Thanks for the all of the interest. Ken Up for sale are my black ES7s that I bought new back in October of 2007. They are in very good condition and come with the velor pouch and microfiber cloth. I believe I have the original packaging somewhere too. These have about 25-30 hours on...
  3. Toonie

    SOLD: Headamp Pico with DAC Black

    SOLD. Thanks for all the interest, Ken Up for sale is my black Headamp Pico with DAC and 3ft USB cable. I have only used this amp about 3 or 4 times since I got it from Justin back at the beginning of January. It has maybe 10 hours on it. It is in excellent condition and has never left my...
  4. Toonie

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD280 Pro

    Asking $old shipped CONUS for my HD280 Pros. Paypal preferred at no additional cost. Will ship internationally as well but ask that buyer splits cost. I bought these in October from a fellow head-fi'er. Original sale thread here: I...
  5. Toonie

    Itty Bitty Holiday Grab: Brand New AKG K340 Velour Pads

    Hi All, As a very small token of my appreciation to the community here I am offering a brand new pair of velour pads for the AKG k340s. I just received these pads a couple of days ago...just a few short weeks shy of my order's one year anniversary. Anyway, I no longer have any k340s or...
  6. Toonie

    SOLD: Minibox-E

    **SOLD Corda Headfive: Asking $old shipped CONUS for my Meier Corda Headfive #283 paypal preferred. I am the first owner of this Headfive which I received back in August of 2006. The amp is in very good condition but has some very light scratches. Comes with generic power cord and blue...
  7. Toonie

    FS: Rega Saturn (Silver)

    $OLD or best offer shipped CONUS paypal preferred at no additional cost for my Silver Rega Saturn. I purchased this cd player used on Audiogon at the end of August of this year. As far as I know I am the second owner. The original owner told me it had about 50 hours on it when I bought it...
  8. Toonie

    SOLD: Silver RPX-33 MKII Dualmono

    SOLD Asking $1200 shipped CONUS paypal preferred, no fees for my silver Rudistor RPX-33 MKII. I purchased this amp in August of this year and it is in excellent condition. I have the two page "manual" and the warranty is transferable. I have no idea how many hours are on the amp but it's in...
  9. Toonie


    SOLD $175 Or Best Offer shipped CONUS Paypal preferred with no additional fees for my NAD c541i. This cd player is in very good condition and I have not had any issues at all with it since I purchased it from another head-fier back at the end of January of this year. The NAD c541i can play...
  10. Toonie

    SOLD: Xin Supermacro III v6

    SOLD Asking $210 or best offer shipped CONUS for my Xin Supermacro III v6. Paypal only, no additional fees. I bought this a couple of months ago to try out a Xin amp while waiting for the Reference I have on order. I'd like to hold on to it until I get the Reference, whenever that will be, but I...
  11. Toonie

    SOLD: 3 $35 shipped CONUS (red from Radio Shack)

    [COLOR="Red"]SOLD/COLOR] Asking $35 shipped CONUS for these 3 studios in red. Paypal preferred. I bought these less than two weeks ago from Radio Shack for $59 but can't return them because I destroyed the packaging. They have less than 5 hrs on them and are basically brand new. They...
  12. Toonie

    SOLD: UM2 w/shure medium black olives

    Asking SOLD or best offer shipped CONUS paypal preferred for my UM2s. They come with 4 brand new never used medium sized shure black olive foamies. UM2s are clear with black cable and are in very good condition. Come with the clam shell carry case. For the sake of full disclosure, the only...
  13. Toonie

    SOLD: MMF-5 w/original Goldring cart and Grado Gold

    SOLD, thanks for lookingAsking $250.00 shipped CONUS for this MMF-5 turntable. Paypal preferred. Turntable comes with a new Grado Gold cartridge mounted. Grado cart has less than 15 hours on it (I paid $150 for it new). Also comes with the original Goldring cartridge without the stylus. As...
  14. Toonie

    FS: JVC DX1000

    Asking $600 shipped CONUS for these DX1000s. Paypal preferred. These DX1000s are in excellent condition and come with original box and documentation. SOLDAsking $180 shipped CONUS for these HD600s with HD650 cable and stock cable Paypal preferred. I got these HD600s as part of a trade...
  15. Toonie

    Stylus/Cartridge Help for MMF-5 Turntable

    I received my first turntable MMF-5 I purchased on Ebay. Anyway, I went about setting it up and after getting the tonearm balanced realized there isn't a stylus in the cartridge. I did some searching on-line for a replacement stylus for the 1012gx and it looks like it's around $225...
  16. Toonie

    SOLD: Grado HP-2

    HP2s have been SOLD This is only an interest check for now. I have quite a bit of money tied up in headphones right now and am thinking about cutting back a bit. Unfortunately for me, I really need a closed headphone right now and into the foreseeable future so the HP-2s would be the ones to...
  17. Toonie

    SOLD: Rega Planet 2000 (Silver)$325!!

    Asking $OLD for my silver Rega Planet 2000 shipped CONUS. Paypal preferred. I bought this cd player used on Ebay. It is in very good condition and I have not had any issues with it. I have the original box but it's worn. I will ship double boxed so it won't be an issue. Comes with remote...
  18. Toonie

    I've heard "source first" it worth sacrifice?

    I currently have Rega Planet 2000 to Mapletree switchbox to SP Extreme and Melos Sha-1. My system is unfortunately in my living room due to space constraints. As a result I have to deal with a lot of out side noise. Obviously a closed phone would be the clear choice. I currently have HP-2s...
  19. Toonie

    SOLD Singlepower Extreme with ECC Type 1 Adapter

    SOLD Asking $800 shipped CONUS for my Singlepower Extreme with ECC Type 1 adapter. This is the standard Extreme with the adapter being the only upgrade. Comes with Raytheon 6414 driver tube, two Raytheon 6080 output tubes and what I think is a 6SN7 driver tube for use without the ECC adapter...
  20. Toonie

    SOLD K3000 SOLD

    SOLD. Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately I just can't justify keeping these beauts. I have been mandated by the wife and the wallet to just two pairs of rare headphones and I can't bring myself to give up the HP-2s or HE60s so these have to go. I'm pretty ignorant seeing as I don't...
  21. Toonie

    Hello, my name really is....

    Casey not Ken. Just thought I'd let those who happen to care know. Officially my name is Ken but I pretty much always go by my nickname Casey. Ken is reserved for business. Casey will see you on the flip flop (not that that makes any sense). Peace out snoop dogs.
  22. Toonie

    WTB AT W1000

    I am looking for a closed can and have a hankering to try out an AT woody before I inevitably decide to repurchase a Darth Beyer. Please PM if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation with this matter Ken
  23. Toonie

    SOLD K1000 SOLD

    K1000 has been SOLD Cable is still available...moving to proper forum. SOLDK1000: I purchased this pair of K1000s from fellow head-fier Blackmore in the beginning of February. Pics and other info in the original FS Thread here: In...
  24. Toonie

    Uncle Erik

    I sold SA5000s to Uncle Erik. Excellent communication and super fast payment. Very smooth transaction. Really nice guy. I would definitely deal with Uncle Erik again. Thanks and enjoy the SA5000s. Ken
  25. Toonie

    FS: 30GB RWA iMod Ipod Photo

    SOLD. Thanks for looking, Ken. Asking $250 shipped CONUS. Paypal preferred. I got this 30GB 4th Gen Ipod Photo modded by Red Wine Audio about three months ago. I am the original owner of the Ipod and have had it for a couple of years. I had Vinnie replace the battery with a brand new...