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    Pics of HD580 Jubilee

    Just seen it here
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    How bad is K501 unamped?

    I used to have this for a very short period and can not really stand the sound out of my laptop's heaphone socket (dont have this trouble with Beyer 831,931 etc). I had never get to know how the K501 sounds like since I had not given them enough listening time. But, how bad is it really? I...
  3. NEO

    WTB Recent purchase DT880 (2003 model)

    I missed out the last stock of DT2003 from B&H Photo. Anyone recently got the pair from them and dont want to keep, please pm me. Or the first model with minimum use (the model with aluminium box). Thanks, NEO
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    Anybody got Sennheiser PX100 from China?

    I noticed a few of them sperading on eBay recently. They are pretty cheap and come in plastic bag without hard case and anything else. Are they real of fake one? The plastic bag says Sennheiser and they are made in China. NEO
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    Pls help: Problem on Tivoli's PAL

    I have purchased Tivoli PAL from the store in USA a few months ago. Recently I have used it in France which has the 220V electricity supply. I ordered one 220-110V adapter to be used with the radio's 110V supplied adapter. When I plugged two adapters (220V-110V and Tivoli's 110-12V)...
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    How to cure the twisted/ tangled headphone cord?

    My Beyerdynamic (DT831) has a main coiled cord with two straight cords that connected to each earcups. The coiled cord itself is fine while these straight cords have started to twisted and tangled in, no matter how I try to untwist them. I dont want to untwist them by hand either since I doubt...
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    Where did all packages usually end up when they got lost during shipment?

    I have won the watch (used Casio G-Shock) on eBay Germany last two months ago. The total cost including shipping to France is under 15 Euros. I sent the cash in the enveloped to the seller in which he replied when he got the money. He said that he had send out the watch. He is a good seller with...
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    Post your Die-Cast or RC cars :)

    It would be nice to see die-cast cars or motorcycles from any collectors here. RC cars are interersting as well. I don't have any at the moment though. NEO
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    How to chenge Ipod internal battery?

    Hi, I ordered battery for my 30GB (3rd Gen) Ipod but not sure how to change it. I remembered seeing the procedure with pictures somewhere on the web but not sure where. Does anyone know the link or website that provide the procedures with pictures? Thanks, NEO Also, how should I keep the...
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    Ipod Battery life getting shorter after firmware upgrade

    I had recently upgraded my 3G Ipod firmware from version 2.2 to 2.3 and to my surprise the battery seems to have shorter life span. It has already degraded and lasted for about 2-3 hrs before I upgraded the firmware but now it seems even worse. Does anyone have the same problem and what...
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    Any cheap or household product for cleaning Ipod?

    Can anyone recommend household product that can be used to clean Ipod and probably remove scratches? Or can I use Brasso for both screen and body? My Ipod is 3Gen version. Thanks, NEO
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    WTB VAJA case for 3rd gen (30GB) IPOD

    Looking for a mint condition Ivod Vaja case for my 3rd gen. My Ipod is 30Gb and I am in France so both EU and US seller are fine. NEO
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    The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years,123950,00.asp
  14. NEO this really worth the price? The pictures weren't even in focus. I know some collectors paid the high price for these old school electronics but still dont really get it NEO
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    Accidentally wiped out all songs on my Ipod :(

    I have 30GB 3G Ipod with 4300+ songs. 2/3 of them were there since I bought it (used) and I put about 1000 more into it via Itunes (I have PC, not Mac). Last few days I decided to install Music Match on my pc which had just been formatted (no Itunes anymore). I didn't have Itunes and I had...
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    Post pics of your special edition portables.

    Please share the pictures of your special/limited edition or hard to find portable players. Maybe include headphone/electronic stuffs (home audio or cellphone...etc). Thanks, NEO
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    Anyone know how good is Chaintech AV-512?

    Have anyone owned or ever heard this soundcard? The AV-710 is the popular one but it is not available in my country. I did find the AV-512 at a relatively low price. I know they use the different chipset but not sure how much will the inferior chipset affect on the output of the AV-512 or how...
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    Anyone has AIBO Dog?

    Just wonder if any of you guys has the AIBO and how are they? What actually are they capable of? I know someone probably think it's the stupid toy but I actually like the idea and execution from Sony. The price seems to be lowered a bid now (even if it is still high).
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    Rapper's Diamond Earrings? (P-Diddy, B-2K)

    Anyone know where to get Diamond Earrings-the style that P-Diddy or B-2K wear? I have no idea about this but my friend asked me to get one for him. I dont even know how it looks like..
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    ACDSee cant open JPG/JPEG.. :confused:

    I have ACDSee V5.0 and recenltly I installed Irfanview/Xnview since ACDSee use a lot of system resources. When I switched back to ACDSee, these .jpg/jpeg files are no longer associated with it and I try to reconfigure the program. I uninstalled and reinstalled ACDsee many times but it still wont...
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    Does anyone know how to figure out RAM type on the pc?

    I want to buy the used RAM to upgrade my sister's pc but I dont know what type of Ram it is, nor does she. I only know the precessor is AMD Athlon 1GHz (Thunderbird). Is there anyway to figure out the RAM type for it? My friend also asked me what type of Ram should he get for his old P-II...
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    Poll-Best Sounding HD Based DAP

    Ipod 3-4 G Iriver IHP-1xx Rio Karma Zen/Zen Xtra Dell DJ Philips Others
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    Why Apple Ipod has very short lifespan?

    Since it was released in 2001, Apple has came to the 4th generation in 2004. Comparing with other players which seems to hang around longer. Is this the marketing policy to maintain the constant sell of this famous product?
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    HOT Ferrari Digital Camera

    Actually it's made by Olympus. Special Edition about 200 units only. Sorry but only available in Automatic (focus) only
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    Mini DV?

    I am thinking about getting one of this used from eBay and brought back to my country which is in Asia. The TV format is PAL which is different from NTSC here. My question is how will I know what kind of video output each models provide since it has rarely been mentioned on the product page. Are...